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So blogger seems to be working for the moment and I have stuff on my mind. You know that means I’m totally blogging. I’m stealing Sheri‘s three thing gimick because I think it might be a good way to generate some content, and I like stealing. By the way, I totally intend to finish my recap of things I’ve done, but they take a long time to do on account of the pictures.
Three Decisions I’ve come to:
1) I am no longer doing NaNoWriMo this year. I have been doing it in secret, thinking that that would take the pressure off, but I realized that I don’t have the drive to do everything I would like to do as it is and I think that in the end I would much rather knit in November and maybe write in January or February when I’m perhaps more sick of knitting.
2) I really want to knit, a lot. I haven’t managed to knit since Thursday and that makes me so sad. I wish I could just knit all the time.
3) I need to re-organize my closet. I just knock stuff over in there all the time and then it forms this big mass of clothes, makeup, and various other things on the ground near my desk and is very distracting.

Three Things I am Looking Forward to This Week
1) Pie! The Hall Council (of which I am a member) is throwing a Pie Eating Contest. I like pie, and I get to help make the contest pies (we’re buying non-pudding pies for everyone to eat as well)
2) Good Music. There are a lot of good concerts coming up this weekend (notably the Jazz bands). I love the times when going to such a music intensive school pays off like this.
3) Stitches for Peace. That’s my knitting group. I look forward to it every week, but that totally counts.
Three Things I am Not Looking Forward to This Week
1) Writing. I am having writer’s block like you would not believe at the moment (note my lack of chum column) and I’m just having so much trouble producing anything (this blog entry being an exception because I’m whining).
2) Anything related to Opera. A major theme of this semester, I was in an opera (Carmen), and took the related class and I hated the opera, and continue to hate the class. I have to perform this stupid aria (Must the Winter Come So Soon from Samuel Barber’s Vanessa) that I hate and has stupid lyrics (like all of Barber) and I can barely sing and I have to be around people I mostly don’t like and I have to go to this stupid show in the Theater department that I don’t want to go to because I hate the St. Olaf Theater Department because they are clique-y and treat non-clique people like crap. RRRRRAGH (ok that’s the major source of anger there).
3) Using Northfield Public Transit. I need to go to Target and gather some things for my swap partner (and ingredients for Gingerbread) and my Car enabled friends have not picked up on my less than subtle hints that I want to go to Target so I must brave the smelly public buses on my own.

On the Needles:

Well except for charity projects, which I haven’t taken pictures of because I’m cool like that, all I’ve been working on is my Curved Shawl from Victorian Lace Today. I am totally in love with the pattern but it is somewhat slow moving (it does grow every row) and I keep needing the shawl for things, like my aria performance on Tuesday. And then having to make due.

I was in a silly mood on Thursday and used Magnets to hang it on the refrigerator like a piece of art. You can see the cool circle-y holes much better both because the refrigerator is white and because I was able to open up the fabric a bit with the magnets. I love this shawl, but what do you guys think?


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Slide in

My Dear Blog Readers,
Well I have been absent haven’t I? I am deeply sorry for that, I can hardly believe that I was last attempting to get you caught up at the end of September and here it is November 5th. I just got back from V for Vendetta (remember, remember the fifth of November), which the school showed, and gave me one of the much missed Alan Moore headaches (really, I do miss blowing my mind every few weeks). I’m astounded about how well the story holds up by being written in the 80’s and all, though, Alan Moore did
I should have been blogging, it’s been a hard few months and blogging is so cathartic for me, but I haven’t been and blogger is refusing to cooerate with me and post pictures so I’m stopping in ot say “Hi” and I hope everyone is well and I will live on to fight blogger another day (though I am considering moving this whole mess over to wordpress if someone will tell me how.

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