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blaugh… I have one final to go, I’ll talk to ya’lls tomorrow, or I guess later today… maybe.

Erin’s Finals Stats (so far):

Number of meals Eaten: 13

Number of Episodes of Joss Whedon Shows watched: 11 (484 minutes…)

Number of Summer Blockbusters Seen (finally): 1 (Cars, it was fun)

Number of Finals Taken: 3

Number of Hours Studied: Better not mention it

Number of Grilled Cheese Sandwiches made for my Food for Finals night: over 1o

Amazing Weekend with Friends and Fun: Priceless

losing control of English… must sleep soon. xoxox ttyl etc.


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OMG OMG They mentioned me!!!

That’s right, my little adventures in Photoshop payed off because Lime and Violet mentioned me in their podcast that came out today! Usually I would save it and use the podcast for a mighty boost in my sock knitting endeavors but today there was just no way that was gonna happen. I mean I was really curious to get the full story from Miss Violet. Anyway I’m a good 20 minutes in and they start talking about the ribbon-along and then they start talking about me and my button! Of course they got my name wrong, but it kinda serves me right for choosing such a difficult name, I should just go by Erin K everywhere. Anyway if you have a desire to hear them talk about me (it’s good they say “it’s very cool”) start at about minute 23, a bit earlier if you want to hear all about the ribbon-along. I’m very cool tee hee!!!
Anyway my ηελλινικος (Greek) final is tomorrow at 9 am so I have a lot of studying to do. Pray for my soul as the hour of doom approaches, I’m gonna go learn some Greek.

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So I wrote that post yesterday and I had a reason to write it, but then I got swept up in the whole talking about my knitting thing that I forgot the thing I was writing about, which was kinda cool. Now as you may or may not know I am an avid listener to podcasts. I really can rip through them and I subscribe to many different kinds (I harbor a secret wish to subscribe to one for every letter of the alphabet), anyway the best of the podcasts and the reason I started listening to them at all are the knitting podcasts. I adore Marie Irshard’s KnitCast and sincerely wish there were more of them, and Cast-on is very good (I never like it as much when I’m not listening to it, but I’ve kept ep. 21: Secret Water on my computer in perpetuity). My newest fling has been with Lime and Violet, which I shied away from becasue I wasn’t sure I’d like a knitting podcast with an explicit tag. Then Scout started talking about them and their colorway in her store is “Snakes on a Sock”. Then I couldn’t resist curiosity anymore, and I’m glad for it because they are hilarious, and funny, and they make me want to knit socks. With my infatuation growing every time I hear their podcast (they are as funny as PotterCast used to be, before they got so close that it stopped being clear what they were talking about) I was abslutely rocked when I found out that Miss Violet has a lump in her breast. I cannot say how sad it made me, or how worried. So I broke down and bought the sock yarn Lisa Sousa made to benefit the Miss V’s medical fund. And I did more than that. I also joined the knit-along for the yarn and suddenly I’m at the forefront of the orginization. Only in a design capcity of course, I’m good at design so I made a button:
And I just got word that I can redesign the blog so it will be more readable. I am quite excited about it all. However I need to dash off to breakfast and class. Perhaps I will post tonight.

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Please feed the ego.

I always wonder if people actually read my blog, right after that I wonder if anything I say is actually interesting to read. While I am genuinely interested in the first question I am not at all really interested in the answer to the second, I prefer to live in a world (possibly imaginary) where everything I say is either funny or meaningful. Anyway Knitting, haven’t talked about that in a while. Here’s some pics for y’all This is the sock I was telling you about earlier, the one I started in a fit of Lime and Violet inspired madness. I am really quite fond of it. I haven’t been working on it much lately but I’ll get to the reason why in a minute.
This another project, my seasilk lacewings shawl. I also am in love with this pattern, it is wonderful and I think that the only thing more wonderful than knitting it now will be knitting it on my knitpicks options needles in a few rows. They are so great! The combination only occasionally leads to dropped stitch disasters and it goes so much faster that the speed makes up for the mistakes. I haven’t made much progress on this either, as to why… These are the Cyborg socks. Named becasue they are a gift for my Pimped-Out Cyborg. Pimped-Out Cyborgs are equivalent of Secret Santas but my, all christian no less, group of friends decided that it would be way more fun to call our gift exchange Pimped-Out Cyborgs instead of Secret Santas, and we’re only exchanging one larger gift s opposed to several smaller ones. Last year it was tres fun and we had a blast doing it. I love hearing about who everyone has and usually I’m pretty good at keeping secrets but this year I’m knitting a pair of fabulous socks and everyone except my cyborg has seen me knitting them. I’ve managed to poke myself sharply in the back to avoid my cyborg seeing me knitting the socks so I feel I am maintaining at least a small portion of integrity. Anyway I’ve been knitting on these almost non-stop for about a week and, obviously I’ve made good progress, if I can keep up the pace I can probably finish in time to block them and everything, I just hope my cyborg likes them.

And now a word about other bloggers. I’ve been noticing lately that my favorite pair of Canadian Bloggers (Amy, and Her Harlotness) have both begun Firefly lately. As you may or may not know, gentle reader, I am a rather devoted browncoat (Fan of Joss Whedon’s show Firefly and the accompaning movie Serenity). I quote a few lines now and then, I cut my apples with knives (much to the amusement of one of my friends who is a fellow browncoat and therefore understands what I am doing or saying). So right now I am on pins and needles waiting to find out what they think of it. I can’t help but get excited when other people discover my hobbies and obsessions, it is so exciting.

In the category of stupid things I did this week I have to nominate 7 episodes of Angel , Pride and Prejudice, and Jane Eyre. All of whom were wonderful and also horrid distractions this week. Yes, that’s right I read two british novels and watched a lot of TV. I did do most of my homework, so things worked out ok, but I feel like I could have been doing better things with my time. I do know why I did those things though. I really like Joss Whedon (see Firefly above), and I had an orientation meeting for Theater in London on Wednsday, which meant that I feel the need to embrace all things British, so I read a lot, and watched and listened to The Secret Garden.

The word you are looking for is “Anglophile”, I am yet another.

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