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coming soon!

A proper blog post? Perhaps, the internet has foiled my every plan to blog so far, but, like the phoenix, I shall rise again.


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Rapid Fire Catch Up Blogging, Part the First

So today is my half birthday, I’m 20.5 now. I celebrated in high style last night (Tuesdays are a complete no go for me as far as doing anything non-scheduled goes, so I went with Monday instead). I would tell you what I did, but looking at my last post reminds me that I haven’t been keeping up with this whole blogging thing much this summer, so I’m going to spend the next few days firing a few bullets of news at you, I’ll do my OTN section today (not that I have every intention of sending it to Lime and Violet, oh no) but the summer will have to go over several days because I was pretty busy and took lots of pictures. I’ll tell you what I did on Monday on Friday when I can catch up on what I’ve been doing since I got back to school, and I am likely to actually do it this time because I’m going to type most of it now (I’ve got the time and there is no way I can do homework, but we’ll get to stress on Friday). Anyway, summer. It was pretty fun. I talked a little about everything, so I’ll just go month by month and fill you in.


  • Sound of Music had already started, but it continued for the whole of this month (seriously, we struck the set on July 1) and I had a lot of fun, but I did get a little sick of the cast towards the end there

  • I started work! I totally missed my kids (I nanny in the summer) and I was stoked for an exciting and fun summer. The kids were more in the mood for a laid back, lazy summer so we butted heads a little, but the being around people who weren’t my family for the whole day was really great!

    • Also, they spent about half of June playing Pokemon (see picture, taken at the pool). Pretty much solid. As long as they were active for a couple of hours every day their Mom wanted me to let them do what they wanted for a while. I got so crazy sick of watching them play that by the third day I was all, ‘give me a gameboy, I’m gonna catch ’em all’

  • I did a bit of shopping with my friend Nat, we saw Voldemort (if you can’t see it there’s a Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix poster behind that glass)

  • The family I work for got a new pet, Bonnie the bunny.

  • I took Amy Singer’s ‘Learn to Love Lace’ class. My Tuscany shawl has remained untouched since that day. (Amy is posing with my Sockpal’s Pomatomus)

  • Both projects were abandoned, mostly because I was frantically knitting on the Minisweater, because I needed it to make my Dress for the Ball Scene in Sound of Music more 40’s.

    • I actually did finish the minisweater, though I seem to be without pictures of it at the moment (no way is my grungy body being photographed today, perhaps later)

  • My sister and I made secret plans (they totally didn’t pan out, but it would have been way cool if they had)

  • Mom got an iPhone

  • We began to prepare for the Harry Potter book by making awesome Luna hats (she wears it to the Gryffindor/Slytherin game in Order of the Phoenix)


So, I have been knitting, a little, kinda. The Weasley sweater continues to be a mass of Green heather (I’m trying to make a glob of green heather seem more interesting than usual in the picture):

I’ve knit on it the most lately, because it’s fairly mindless, but I need to go in and check to see if I’ve been doing the decreases correctly, because I think I might have messed up significantly several times, which would mean ripping back, which I’m not afraid of, but would kinda suck.

I started some fingerless gloves for the girl I nannied this summer. They are black and have lace over the hands because she is totally goth like that (she has about half a sense of fashion right now, so she’s only partially committed to the goth look). The gloves are mostly done, I had these plans to finish them today, but I watched 4 episodes of Project Runway instead, because it was totally that kind of day. Anyway, one is done, the other is almost to fingers, but the thing about gloves of any kind is that there are 10 ends and not a particularly large amount of fabric to sew them into, and I have sewn exactly 0 ends in so far, so I’ve got 20 to go.

I guess I’ve done about a row on Tegan’s Tiffany mittens, so they look pretty much exactly like they did last time I took a picture of them. I have figured out a good way to make them fit though, because they are quite large, but we didn’t want to over felt them. My hands are a bit bigger than Tegan’s so I’ll wear rubber gloves and the mittens and have fun with some hot water, and when the mittens fit me I’ll stop and then leave them to finish blocking.

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What you owe

I am a horrid blogger and a worse Swap Partner, but I’m sitting down now to give my partners the accolades they so richly deserve. Firstly my Sockapalooooza partner Sarah who spoiled me rotten by knitting me socks I never would knit for myself but desperately wanted!

Dobby’s Socks from Charmed Knits! I have always loved this pattern, but my loathing of colorwork has thus far kept these socks from my grasp. No More! Also there is an assortment of goodies that came with the package of Socks and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Speaking of Sockapalooooza, and being a bad partner, I finally, just finished my socks for my partner.

I’m really late, but I will pop them in the mail ASAP and hopefully she will have it by Next week

Finally I have to give a big shout out to Carrie, my Having Bad Day Swap Partner. The point of the Swap was to give your partner a package that would make her (him) feel better on a Bad day. I had been saving mine and decided to open it today because I hate packing and I’m doing the mother of all packing, the ‘I’m moving back to college packing’. The package is too wonderful for words. So I’ll use a picture instead:

In there is a binder full of the Socktopia patterns from July, all of which are Harry Potter themed, various Harry Potter candies, hair clippies, Artfibers yarn, a sheep tape measure, a beautiful bookmark in a felted holder/dpn case, a lovely card, and a Book! It’s felted knits by Stephanie Japel, which I would not have bought for myself, but I am already enjoying owning.
Thanks ladies! You rock!!!

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