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So I’m laying here trying to sleep and I’m listening to James McPherson’s “This Mighty Scourge,” which is about the American Civil War. I think “Man, I wonder what it was like to hear Lincoln deliver the Gettysburg Address” (which is weird, because the part I’m listening to is about Ulysses S. Grant, not Lincoln or Gettysburg).

I got to thinking about how amazing it would be to witness something like the Gettysburg Address, about how modern technology allows us to see things like Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream” speech and about everything that we can’t see because it happened too long ago or that you can tell from the recording was just magical in person. The list I came up with seemed so good that I wanted to share it, no explanations, just the list.

Historic Events I Would Go See (if I could time travel)

1) Gettysburg Address
2) Dickens’ last public reading
3) The murder of Julius Caesar
4) The Beatles last concert
5) (in order of believability) The battle between Achilles and Hector/The Sack of Troy/Homer reciting The Illiad
6) Cy Young/Don Larsen/Sandy Koufax’s Perfect Game
7) Ella Fitzgerald in Concert, February 13, 1960 Berlin
8 ) The Moon Landing

I’m writing this on my iPod so please pardon any spelling errors, I’m gonna go fix this in the morning, but the spirit is with me now.
ETA: Alright, spelling and what not is fixed.



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