What you owe

I am a horrid blogger and a worse Swap Partner, but I’m sitting down now to give my partners the accolades they so richly deserve. Firstly my Sockapalooooza partner Sarah who spoiled me rotten by knitting me socks I never would knit for myself but desperately wanted!

Dobby’s Socks from Charmed Knits! I have always loved this pattern, but my loathing of colorwork has thus far kept these socks from my grasp. No More! Also there is an assortment of goodies that came with the package of Socks and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Speaking of Sockapalooooza, and being a bad partner, I finally, just finished my socks for my partner.

I’m really late, but I will pop them in the mail ASAP and hopefully she will have it by Next week

Finally I have to give a big shout out to Carrie, my Having Bad Day Swap Partner. The point of the Swap was to give your partner a package that would make her (him) feel better on a Bad day. I had been saving mine and decided to open it today because I hate packing and I’m doing the mother of all packing, the ‘I’m moving back to college packing’. The package is too wonderful for words. So I’ll use a picture instead:

In there is a binder full of the Socktopia patterns from July, all of which are Harry Potter themed, various Harry Potter candies, hair clippies, Artfibers yarn, a sheep tape measure, a beautiful bookmark in a felted holder/dpn case, a lovely card, and a Book! It’s felted knits by Stephanie Japel, which I would not have bought for myself, but I am already enjoying owning.
Thanks ladies! You rock!!!


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  1. Caroline

    Hey Erin! I got the socks today–thanks so much! The package has been waiting for me at home. : ) They fit PERFECTLY and all my family are extremely impressed, as am I. I love them and I’ll be sure to post photos when I am reunited with my laptop.

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