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Before I And crash

Somehow the crash metaphors keep coming up…
Anyway I’m exhausted, since last week I have been running full out all day every day and I’m about to collapse. I go from work to play practice to my bed and then I get up and go to work. Repeat for three weeks. I do feel the need to blog at least slightly occasionally and I did finish the mini sweater today (okay, I need to put in the ribbon and weave in come ends, but it’s done and sewn and I wore it on stage and it was cute). Also I got into the Amy Singer class at Needlework Unlimited I hope work will be okay with me going (because I am going, if I can’t go to Stitches this makes up for the classes I’m missing). Which is one of those things that makes you think that this actually is a good world, because the class is closed beyond closed and quite full, but between this and Can’t Stop the Serenity and my own show all coming out (Sound of Music, 7:00 pm at Rockford High School Auditorium this Friday and Saturday 2 pm on Sunday and 7 pm on the 727-30th come, I’d love to see any of you!) it’s looking to be a mighty fine week. I need to sleep now. Bye!


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Oh God oh God we’re all going to die*

The quote in the title is from Serenity, Wash says it at the beginning of the movie, I was quoting and it was funny, not suicidal. I’ve already been suicidal today and this is not it. It was what came to mind in light of the last post being called “pull up, pull up”. I guess another one would be “stay on target, stay on target” but 1) that one is not in Wikiquote and 2) clearly my plane (or spaceship I guess) crashed instead of blowing up the Death Star. It’s a shame I can’t include Wikipedia links in my everyday dialog, because then everyone would actually understand the things I say.
Okay, by now it is really clear that this is yet another “I’ve had a bad day and now I’m gonna whine about it” post. Actually that’s really as whiny as I want to get because you’ve heard all I can really say anyway (I’m not being really secretive, just the troubles are incoherent and I like coherency). In conclusion, how do you get Taco Bell out of upholstery? Not that someone decided to incite a food fight in my new car or anything. Anyway, knitting:The picture is dated, this was on Thursday, it’s considerably larger now, there are things that look like sleeves and the beginnings of a body. It’s just that I’m a big girl and I need a big shrug, so it’s taking a while. The pattern is the minisweater by Stephanie Japel. Usually I dislike her patterns, but I like this one. It goes with my pretty white dress. The sweater needs to be done ASAP so everything else is on hold until I can finish it, STR included. The yarn is a new one (it wasn’t even on Ravelry yet) called Tranquility from Mooncake Yarn Inc. I know I heard about this yarn somewhere, but I cannot remember where. It is better than I don’t remember hearing it was. Seriously, it’s like knitting with woolly clouds. It’s soft and squishy and wonderful. I love knitting with it. I’m somewhat ashamed because at first I was looking for more of something in an Angora blend and really wanted to go back to the first yarn store I went to because they had yarn closer to what I intended, but I am so glad the store I was at didn’t have the right thing, because I love, love, love this yarn! Also, they’re gonna have an ickryllic blend called Serenity. Guess whose friends are getting very ironical Jayne hats?
PS: Edited to add that I picked a pattern for my Sockapaloooza yarn. I’m a gonna make Pomatomus. Squee!!! I’m really excited for my first Cookie socks ever! I decied by sitting my yarn down and looking at it and deciding that my LnV swap yarn was well suited to Monkeys, while the STR would make excellent Pomatomai!

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Pull up! Pull up!

I’m barely slying level right now, this day has been trying and I’m torn up plenty, let’s see if I can pull through. Good news though, I have lots of comforting things around me to get me through.
Comforting thing # 1 Socks That ROCK!!!
I ordered two skeins last week, one for my socakpalooooza pal’s socks (the farmhouse in front) and one for me (the knitty rules in back) because I continue to have bad times (remember when I said it would turn around). Well I think STR may be the best anti depressant I have ever had. It’s stushy and squishy and just beautiful.
I don’t even mind that the design I had originally planned to do didn’t work out because now I can go looking for a good pattern for it and knit it all over again!!! Seriously, I love this yarn. Also, any good pattern suggestions?

Comforting thing # 2 Finished Object!
These are the feather and fan socks, a la Wendy, and I lurve them, although they were too warm when I finished them to wear much, they should be better in the fall and for that matter during this cold snap we seem to be having.

Comforting Thing # 3 Returning to humanity
This is kind of a broad category, it mostly manefests in my newly cleaned room, complete with additional Ikea bookshelf and desk (for which I do not have a desk chair and thus am consequently sitting at but not using right now, as my laptop is in my lap while I recline in the butterfly chair). I also straightened my hair and put on somewhat fashionable clothing, tomorrow I may attempt makeup and a dress. I have to say, it feels really nice to be human again (only human again, we’ll be knick-nacks and whatnots no more…).
Comforting thing # 4 Monkey Toes
Unlike the Monkey’s Paw, Monkey Toes are from the mind of Momma Monkey, from whom I won a preview bag from on a contest on her blog. It arrived yesterday.
That is my lovely sister for scale. Here is a closeup:I got the pirate print, it’s the picture on the preview site and I just absolutely fell in love. It’s beyond fabulous. I can’t wait for her site to go live because although I am not the biggest fan of these little sock sized bags (I’ve lost two go knit pouches complete with yarn, needles and partially completed socks both times) I think a medium or large sized bag for a bigger project would be awesome! Also:

My kitty approves of my bag. Now I need some piratey swag to go with it. Sounds like the perfect excuse to go buy some yarn pirate if I ever heard one. Also I want Doubloon stitch markers. How could I go about getting some?
Comforting thing # 5 I made a really good pun.
Me and Jason Mraz are all about the wordplay. This is Chelsea‘s swap. We’re going to annotate a book and send it forward to another knitter. And even though Photoshop is the cause of my stress (no, PR is the cause of my stress, Photoshop is wonderful) I whipped up a little button for her. And that is a mighty fine pun if I do say so myself.

Alright, leave sock suggestions in my ego bin. I’m going to sleep and rejoice in the (momentary) relief from stress. WoT Now!


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I am so unbelievably stressed out guys! I have just a ton too much going on right now and I desperately need a good night’s sleep. Anyway that means not blogging much. I have a ton to say, but it’ll have to wait for a day when I get to my room before 11:30 at night. I just want to curl up in a ball and snuggle my Socks that Rock (I told you I had a ton to say), but that’ll have to wait. Publicity calls.


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Forgive me socktopia!

I’m not quite done with my Socktopia socks, and I am too tired to finish them before I blog (I may finish them before I sleep). And I’m too tired to finish filling you in on what I’ve done since I last blogged regularly, so I’ll just play catch up on a couple of things.
cactusneedles asked:
Sounds like you had/have a lot going on. Did you get to see a Cub game? 🙂
No! The Cubs were out of town when we were there and we’d already seen the White Sox at home last summer when we were there for Stitches. Of course, I did see the Sox on Monday when the Twins beat them 10-4 and proved conclusively that I am not a jinx anymore (I used to be such a jinx, every time I would watch baseball the Yankees would win, which was really saying something when I watched the Cubs)
V tagged me in the 7 random facts meme, and I never get tagged for memes so I’m super excited!
Da Rules:
One is tagged in the meme and then provides Seven facts about oneself and afterwards tags seven people for the meme and informs them of this development on their blogs by commenting.
Da Facts:
1)I can wiggle my nose (not like Samantha on Bewitched but my actual nose) and ears
2)I am the star of a children’s book. Or, rather, my seven year old self is. It’s about ferrets (see the next fact) and was prett cool to do (although my future was never as a model, she says as she eats some more cookie dough)
3) I don’t know whether I have had more pets or extended family members. Now I have a lot of family (I’m Irish Catholic on one side, ya know) but we have had a lot of pets including but not limited to Cats (5), Fish (many), Rabbits (4, one was angora before I learned to spin or knit and 5 if you count the wild one that lived in my sisters bedroom for a few weeks before we believed it was there), a hamster (1), Ferrets (20+ over a lot of years), a Chinchilla (1), Alpacas (3), and Llamas (also 3). Yes many pets, and we’re now thinking about a sheep, although an angora goat is not out of the question instead. Maybe I should research musk oxen, say it with me quiviut!
4)Although I have the most atrocious lawyer/doctor-like handwriting you have ever seen, but I was a tutor one Summer and one of my subjects was Handwriting.
5)I have a slight obsession with spelling bees (speaking of which, the national spelling bee was on tonight, but we TiVoed it so don’t spoil the ending for us), and I have really bad spelling, unless it is done in bee form.
6)I have already picked out the design pallet for my future home/apartment (birch wood, navy blue, and white)
7) My class was the first to graduate from my high school.

There you have it! and I now have to find the last 7 people on the Internet who have not dome this meme (lord save us). Alright I am now going with my crazy idea, I never get tagged for memes and as much as I do this blog for me, the part of me that is a publicist says that it’s great publicity so I want to find two people who haven’t been tagged yet and tag them, so if you want a spot just leave a comment and I’ll edit you in, put you in the next post, and pretend that I meant to tag you all along. The other five I’ve got covered
1) Your Name Here
2) Your Name Here
3) 1[knit.1]der
4) Weirdlings
5) Domesticat
6) Lily
7) Carrie (Funky Carolina)
So… That takes care of that arduous task (btw, I love doing memes, but I hate tagging other people, it feel awkward) and now a word about the sidebar. It is as always a work in progress, and I recently added a big thing. Down the side is a list of books I plan on reading this summer. I may skip some of the rereads (the bulk of this list is rereads) but I intend to read the number you see at the bottom, 75. I need book recommendations. Apart from the His Dark Materials Series which I have not read and I plan on reading before July 16 when I’m going to turn in a book report about it to Harry and the Potters in order to get a free toothbrush. I have nothing more to add, and comic books don’t count (I’ve already read over 75 since school let out) so let the recs’ roll in!

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