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Dark Detectors

So… this is it. The end of an era. No really. For about 8 years now, two fifths or .4% of my life, I have been a Harry Potter fan. And for me, especially as I got on before all the movies and merchandising started*, the Harry Potter experience is all about the books. I go to the movies and wear the shirts (and a bracelet from the book six release that hardly ever leaves my wrist) so I can talk about the books. I enjoy Harry and the Potters because I love their clever lyrics, especially because they play with the books. And, with the books ending I’m… scared. I’m absolutely terrified of being spoiled (We plan to be about 3rd in line for the book on Friday night) but not quite in the same way everyone else is. I’m worried because I get this feeling like, once it’s over, once I’ve read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, I’ll be a grown up. It’ll be (to steal two metaphors from J.M. Barrie, who apparently knew a lot about this kind of stuff) like leaving the nursery or like that moment in Finding Neverland where the boy is suddenly gone and there is a man in his place. So I wan to end it all on my own terms. I want to read the ending myself, have my cry (my copy of Yarn Harlot is ready for recovery reading, as is the rest of my reading list) and read the book, or maybe the whole series again. The problem is that I’m assuming that, after midnight, no one is safe, there will be spoilers everywhere, if I take to long reading this one, I’m worried someone who will assume I’ve finished (I did read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in four hours) will tell me the ending, I’m thinking I might just stay up all night and finish it. Like a band aid,”Out, out brief candle” (I love Macbeth). I don’t want to, but I think I would rather hear it from Jo herself rather than a gloating idiot who has just caused my childhood to end rather before its time. In light of this, my view, on spoilers (i.e. if you tell me one you will be very sorry once I have finished crying in a ragged mass on the floor) here is a message from my friends at Pottercast and Harry and the Potters:

Additionally, I have not finished my reread and I have little time left, so I’ll probably be on communications blackout for a while. Assume I’m being whiny and emo, reading Harry Potter, and (if time permits) finishing my Weasley Sweater, which is looking very nice, if a bit uneven for the amount of time it’s taken to make (1.5 years, or three sixteenths of my Harry Potter obsession, or .75% of my life). See:

(nope you can’t, I left my camera at work, enjoy description until I can get my camera) It’s lovely, it’s forest green, just like in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, although not the movie, there it was blue, like Harry’s eyes, which are like Lily’s eyes (which is a great song from the musical The Secret Garden). Anyway, forest green, like this text, except heathered by black, it’s DK weight, Plymouth encore DK, 75% acrylic, 25% wool, I got the yarn for Christmas in 2005, it was the coolest present ever, including the yarn I got this year. The front and back of the sweater are done and the shoulders have been sewn together, there is about 5 inches of sleeve coming off the left side of the sweater, which, for the first time actually looks like a sweater and not an amorphous green blob. And this is why bloggers use pictures, descriptions are too much writing.

See you when I’m a grown up. I’m scared of being a grown up.

*note that I loved the fifth movie, which I saw at midnight, and the third and I will even praise the other three on occasion, although GoF is my least favorite. Also I tend to be a fan of the merchandise as well, says the girl who has now worn Harry Potter shirts for over a week without doing extra laundry and who also bought two more today


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Hey guys!
Just wanted to drop you a line to say that I am alive and well, I’m just not real talkative right now. It’s been a very busy Summer so far and blogging was an easy thing to cut out of my schedule. I hope to get back on the horse soon, but it will be after this, somewhat eventful, week I have coming up.
loves ya!

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