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Almost here

I’m almost at Thanksgiving break, only 3 papers and a midterm all due tomorrow stand between me and total freedom to watch Buffy and Angel and novel ans knit and shop my days away. And afterwards it’s all over until much later on in my times. I am so happy about this!!! And I didn’t even mention Christmas season starting. I get to take out the big box of Christmas movies and Mom said she’d watch Love, Actually (!Amazing Movie!) with me. Anyway only about 2000 more words and Greek studying separate me and freedom. Gotta go write those papers.


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I love procrastinating

I started a sock. I really needed to and I am so ahppy about it. Knit picks memories in Grandma colorway (although I cant’s see either of my grandmothers wearing or being in any way associated woth this colorway, it’s more of an “Erin” colorway, pinks and purples in little tiny stripes, I really like how it’s turning out. It’s been so long since I knitted any socks (I lost my hot pink go.knit bag in mid october with my trekking in it and havent; had the heart to start a sock since) and the yarnis knitting up so nicely that I already have 4 inches of foot on the first one. I’m liking thr sockinette but I think the heel will be widdershins and the leg will be Wendy’s feather and fan pattern. I’ll post pictures if I ever have enough time to, until then use your imagination, this sock is worth imagining.

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So today…

I’m sitting in fireside (a student lounge in the main building, where I like to hang out and write) and one of my guy friends looks over sees me typing madly into my computer and asks “Are you doing anything productive?” and I said, “..Writing my novel” and I got no response. I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing or just a thing that happened. I guess it’s kind of hard being the “author if I can be or else an editor or a lawyer” type of person, all my friends seem to have their lives planned out and I ma much more a go-with-the-flow type. I really have faith that I will end up where I am supposed to end up, I just need to let it happen and be ready to meet it when it does.

Oh yeah knitting content. I’ve added a few rows to lacewings (but there’s this novel in the way and no matter how hard you push a novel it won’t come any faster) so it looks the same, I’ve done three full sets of repeats (7 repeats of 14 rows per set) but each repeat adds 4 stitches so it gets bigger fast, especially at first. And this isn’t mindless knitting, I haven’t done any of that in while, ever since I lost my mindless knitting project (BTW, if anyone at Stolaf finds a small bright pink go.knit pouch with trekking XXL in it , it is mine and I will bake you cookies if I get it back). Anyhoo, I have Greek to do and a quiz I need to study (more) for.

PS: I am recovering from the elections, I’m kinda sad (I may be the only person in the blogosphere who is) but the Republicans at the National level kind of deserved what they got. They managed to either not do anything or else do the opposite of what they say they stand for with a majority in all branches of government, as one of my high school teachers was fond of drilling into my head “absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Anyway everyone else is reaping the rewards from that mess. But on the bright side I really, really cared about the 6th congessional district and gubernatorial elections and we did manage to win both of those so, I feel okay. I do like to look on the bright side of life (whistling), always look on the bright side of life (more whistling)… You sing the rest, I’ve got a novel to put out.

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I wrote a poem…

I did a few rows on my lacewings but as today is election day and I have to read hundreds of lines more of iambic pantemeter I thought I could write a few myself (don’t tell Chris Beaty I cheated).

“Alas, alack,” I say, if say I may.
As if by saying I can change the facts.
But for this hour, it is election day,
And those I love will be taking their smacks.

“Alas” I say as a once belov’d friend,
His life all torn apart by times and war,
All dashed upon an ass he meets his end,
Never able to take the Senate floor.

And now I wait to see how all else lies.
When dust has settled, how has my state changed?
“Am I all different now?” My spirit cries,
“Now that my living space is rearranged.”

I’ve come to learn, in matters of my state,
To wait and watch the dancing of the great.

um… it’s not great, and could use lots of editing… but I kinda like it, and this waiting for election results is driving me up the wall, so this makes me write poetry… I guess. Don’t expect much more, Iambic Pentameter is much harder than it looks.

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hey there

So I haven’t been posting much… but I have been knitting! Here’s what I’ve done:
I finished my sweater!!!!!

But being the flawed human being that I am this one shows my mistakes…

I made the back too big… somehow, but I was able to pin it to fit and I’ll just matress stitch everything closed and leave the flap on the inside of the back… just in case I grow a hunchback or something.
I also knit these!!!

Aren’t they cute?!?!? I made them for my english teacher who just had a baby (I gave them to her before she had her daughter) She really liked them so I was really happy!
I also got this:

Which is some roving in the colorway Beneith the Waves from Nitstock Farms . I ahve to give them as high a reccomendation as I can because they were as nice as anyone has ever been to me because I was really stupid about ordering and was charged 3 times for it, but Robin, the lady I exchanged emails with, took really good care of me. I will definately be ordering, without mistakes, from them again once I’ve spun what I have.
And now it’s time for OTN!!!!!!
If you can’t tell I’m just a little bit excited about what’s on my needles. Because I’m knitting the Lacewings shawl!!!

This shawl takes only one skein of Handmaiden Seasilk, which is a wonderful yarn, I really love everything about working with it, which is true I think of pretty much aeverybody who works with it. I am really loving the yarn but I will put this warning out for everyone, it tangles really easily, or at least this skein did. I don’t have a swift or ball winder here at school so I was winding by hand and I had to cut a lot of peices of yarn, it should work out ok, with my only losing a yard or so, but it will be very annoying to weave in all those ends. This may be only true of my skein because it is one I bought on ebay and I noticed a distinct differencre in the feel of the two skeins, the ebay one feels more coarse to me than the one I bought from a store. Anyway I have a novel to go write and let’s not even touch on the ammmount of homework I have to do.

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