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First Time in the Files, 1-0 Prediction Post

Blatantly stealing this from Mark, but in the interest of full disclosure, I wrote down what I know about the X-Files before I started watching. I probably forgot some things, but this is what I could dredge up from the vaults on the spot.

What I know About X-Files Beforehand:

  1. Mulder and Scully are partners, he believes in the supernatural things they investigate, she doesn’t
  2. Gillian Anderson went on to play Lady Dedlock in Bleak House (Bleak House is very important to me, okay?)
  3. The truth is out there
  4. There’s a smoking man. Whether he smokes because he is on fire or smokes some kind of organic material in cigarette or pipe form I have no idea.
  5. Smoking man might be Mulder’s father. (I feel like I once read a list about the X-Files and that was in there…Or I might be making things up. I have no idea. Isn’t this fun?)
  6. I saw half of the first movie in the middle of the night on a computer screen in Heather’s dorm room sophomore year of college. There were… Bees? In a greenhouse? And Scully was in some kind of mortal peril? Maybe because she’s allergic to bees?
  7. The guy who plays Mulder left after x – 2 seasons (where x is the total number of seasons, which I believe is 9) and the show limped on for two more seasons.
  8. Scully has a baby at some point.
  9. There’s probably romantic tension. I feel like it might pay off after a number of seasons.
That’s it. Well, I for one can’t wait until tomorrow morning.

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Best. App. Ever.

I bought/downloaded the Battlestar Galactica Cylon Detector App for my iPod Touch and felt immediate buyers remorse. Then I started playing with it and it is so much fun. I’ve tested literally every face in my iPod already. I’ll post about my findings later, once I’ve replaced my family’s faces with those of well known celebrities (gotta keep the secret identity intact ya know), but for now I have a truly great example of why this app rocks.

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