This Blog Suspended Due to Postseason Madness

I would like to apologize for my absence in the last few days. I would also like to apologize for my utter lie in the title of this post. I have every intention of blogging, I just might do it from my parents’ house, while parked in front of their big screen. And I might just talk about baseball.

Of course, I’m not just sitting around while the baseball goes on, I’m also making stuff and doing my nails in elaborate fashion. Lemme show you (in a roundabout fashion, by linking to them on instagram, because the WordPress App isn’t letting me upload pictures)
“Galaxy Nails,” they look like nebulas, but I assume something is wrong with the delightfully alliterative Nebula Nails, so I’ll compromise and call them Cosmic Nails.

It’s not baseball without crafting and the unrivaled craft of this postseason is finger stripe gloves, a tribute to the only issue I have with Dick Grayson’s return to his Nightwing persona: his new costume’s lack of finger stripes. I’ll make a tutorial on these soon, but I haven’t perfected the process yet.

I’m gonna go bite off my elaborate nail polish waiting for the Tigers to defeat evil. Byes!


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