To everyone I’m missing

Dear Nora, Maddy, Mom and everyone else I no longer see on a daily basis,

I miss you a bunch, things are super boring around here without you, at least they were until today.  Apparently my Mac Gawain is even more awesome than I thought! In fact, Gawain’s been a TARDIS in disguise this whole time*! Of course, he was a little rusty from traveling in a linear fashion for so long, so he’d lose his grip and start to pull me back every time I tried to take a picture.

So I took my TARDIS and flew off to the first place any traveler in time and space would go, the Batcave!

I'm really proud of myself for not punching Damian in the face, or chasing after any other Robins.

I didn’t expect Batman to actually be there, so I got out double time, then headed out to take in the sights of Gotham.

Immediately after this, I put Gawain into stealth mode and took a tour of Arkham. Dropped a crowbar into Jason's old cell and poked joker in the eye.

Gotham’s nice and all, but a little crime-ridden for my tastes. So I thought I’d head to somewhere a little brighter and cleaner, Metropolis.

This is me doing my best Lois Lane imitation. I tried to get ahold of Lois, because she is my spirit animal and how could I not, but she was out and Clark answered the phone, and I can’t lie to Superman, so I just said something about needing to go and left.

I thought a good way to wrap up my travels would be to just pop in on the Earth King, but there was something about Bosco and handstands and a fractured bone, so I just did a little Batsui in front of the palace and headed home.

It was a great trip! I wish you could have come!



PS: Gawain said I visit too many fictional places and that he’d need a break before he took me anyplace else.

*Or I may have discovered the part of photobooth where I can post myself in front of any picture I can dig up with my internet connection and a little Google Fu.


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