First Time in the Files, 1-2 Deep Throat

Sorry about missing yesterday everyone! I was tired for the first time in like 2 months and I just let myself go to bed early and then sleep late. I was super groggy today, but sleep is good, right?

So epidode 2, the first proper episode, unless you follow Joss Whedon’s theory that the first six episodes are get to know you episodes and you can only start doing cool stuff after that. We’ll see if Chris Carter has the same theory, but either way we’re into the series now, including the title sequence, which I either ignored or wasn’t there last episode. I think I like it, it’s creepy in a good way.

Lemme see, lists are fun, I haven’t done a list in like, 20 hours or something. Let’s do one of them!

6 Very Cool Things About This Episode

  1. Scully has gotten very glam since the Pilot. Actually, both leads have much better hair and makeup in this episode. I noticed how nice their hair was at least once every five minutes. Nice hair is very important to me. David Duchovny was maybe as high as tier two hair (there are five tiers, one is the best and five is Cousin It) It’s a really close call. He was somewhere between Matt Murdock (top of tier three, except he’s blind so it doesn’t count against him) and Eric Matthews (low on tier two). For reference, tier one consists of Scott Summers and Dick Grayson.
  2. Scully has been upgraded to actual name status. When she leaned over Dr. Infodump and said “Sucker” I was like, “you have a million pounds of spunk and are not quite completely Babs, though I’d still believe it if your said you were a clone” and that was that, she gets to be Scully from here on out unless she really pisses me off.
  3. SETH GREEN. I actually screamed “OZ!” when Mr. Claire Grant showed up. It was nice to see him! Only a Mark Sheppard cameo would have been more reassuring. Also how oddly prophetic his lines about Desert Storm II were.
  4. It was impressive how relevant the whole conversation about the protection of national secrets felt, and also a little sad, considering how little the world seems to have changed in the nearly twenty years since this episode aired.
  5. The realization that I really want Babs, Hermione and Scully to form a club where they can all be super smart, always do their homework and use it to trap the guys around them, and look pretty fabulous after staying up all night.
  6. Scully talking to someone named Gail on the telephone. I’m assuming this was Gail Simone and it’s confirmation of my “Scully is a Babs clone” theory.

6 Weird Things About This Episode

  1. The Military guy who showed up at the beginning and end. Is he the same one from the pilot? he looked different, but I’m not so good with faces that I’m certain.(you can most certainly answer that. I can’t look it up, I have limited resistance to spoilers)
  2. The obnoxious reporter, but he’s actually a security guard guy. He was weird and a little bit Jimmy Olsen-esque. Also, I could totally hear his last line, “It is you who have acted inappropriately” being said by Actor Ozai. I laughed for like 5 minutes at that
  3. Calling everything UFO technology. It just sounded awkward and like maybe the writers forgot the word extraterrestrial.
  4. Why nobody asked for ID when the Men in Black showed up.
  5. How the formerly missing test pilot was wearing a Packers sweatshirt and I practically growled at him. I like to think I’m past all that football nonsense, but clearly I’m not so lucky.
  6. Scully taking Jimmy Olsen captive. She was nervous and jumpy to the point where I expected something to go terribly wrong. She did everything right, basically, as far as I understand these things, but the nerves were plain on her face (because Gillian Anderson is amazing) and it made me worry that something would go wrong before she could recover her shambling partner.

1 Crazy Theory

  1. I think Dr. Infodump has been replaced. Blame Bendis for this, but I really think something happened when he was in that holding facility. I know they gave him amnesia, but if I was running that kind of mysterious operation I would do everything I could to rein in the crazy FBI agent. So basically, Dr. Infodump, I am watching you and your convenient amnesia (convenient amnesia is the name of my next band).

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