First Time in the Files, 1-1 Pilot

Here we go!

I think I’ll like this show quite a bit. I’m reminded in the first few minutes of a lot of the things I enjoy about Bones, which I’ve watched most of and enjoyed, mostly.  There’s a nice juxtaposition between someone who feels and someone who thinks and in both cases this plays against stereotype. It’s also a procedural and I’m finding I like procedurals (we didn’t really watch them in my house as a kid, so I’m exploring now), especially when you have something like House, Castle or (I hope) X-Files where the writing is crisp and smart.

My major feeling for the first half of the epidsode? HOLY COW IS SCULLY BARBARA GORDON OR WHAT? If you told me that Barbara Gordon regained the use of her legs, got a medical degree, joined the FBI and changed her name to Dana Scully I would believe you 100%. I would also believe that one Mr. Timothy Jackson Drake-Wayne had been at the cloning tanks again. It might be the gigantic pile of B-List Bat-books I read this past spring (mostly Robin, Nightwing and Birds of Prey), but Scully reminds me of how Oracle appeared in the 90’s and early 2000’s, especially when she’s writing at her computer, which had the feel of a routine in the making to me. She’s also got a lot of Bab’s spunk, which is good because I’m not liking Mulder much yet.

Seriously. I may just start calling Scully Barbara Gordon all the time.

So. Babs.

This is where the comparison breaks down for me. Though my feelings about Nightwing are well known, I don’t find David Duchovny all that attractive, which means the Nightwing comparison falls down a bit. There might be some similarities in an optimistic spirit or something, I just don’t know how I feel about Dr. Infodump yet. That was some trip to the department of backstory, dude. It’s nice to know about your sister, but I’m not sure it was handled elegantly enough to suit me. I’ll wait to see if that’s a personality quirk or just awkward writing in a pilot where they have to set up everything.

I do quite like the team though. They play off each other well and if Mulder shutting Scully down when she was ready to jump off a theoretical cliff with him over the dirt on the comatose guy’s foot, he knows how much he needs her.  I was slightly bothered by how quickly their partnership coalesced and how well they worked together right away, but I have a feeling that they’ll either find an in-world explanation for it or it’ll cease to be an issue after a few episodes.

As for the plot itself? It felt pretty standard, though I totally dug that we got no answers one way or the other about whether the murders were because of aliens or something more mundane. I think that’ll be important for this show and I really dig the difference when I was expecting a Scooby Doo ending.

In summary: Scully is Babs and I’m withholding judgment on Mulder until he stops being a total plot device and starts being a character.


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