52 Thoughts

I accidentally reread a bunch of 52 today, so let’t see if I can come up with 52 thoughts about that in 30 minutes.

  1. This is all Evan Shaner’s fault, first he posts a beautiful cover for his dream Captain Marvel/Shazam series on Comic Twart and then he links to the first cover in the series with an extended commentary.
  2. Then he won’t say who the girl on the Magic of Shazam cover is, but after a little work I look her up and decide to take a look at her appearance in 52 (which no one mentions, but I remembered)
  3. So I grab my trades off the shelf, I’m working on collecting the floppies (I’ll get to why) but right now the trades are easier.
  4. Now here’s the amazing thing about 52, for me at least, it’s a new and revelatory experience every time.
  5. Seriously. I had next to no idea what the DCU was when I finally gave in to Mookie’s emphatic recommendations and burned through the ENTIRE series in one sitting, but I loved it.
  6. This was before the trades came out so I was reading the floppies, which is important, because the floppies starting doing these amazing little two page summaries of everyone
  7. Between those summaries and the intense and emotional experience that happens whenever you read 52 the DCU managed to get its hooks embedded in me pretty deeply.
  8. So much so that I’m starting to think 52, for all that it seems to be a continuity heavy behemoth is actually a perfect comic to hand to newbies.
  9. I mean anyone is gonna know who Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are, so the premise is a really easy sell,
  10. What happens when all three of the heroes are gone for a year?
  11. It works because none of the people in the comic know who anyone is either.
  12. The writing is superb and they hand you everything you need to know while those with a deeper knowledge of the DCU will get a richer, but not substantially different experience.
  13. I should not have chosen a list for this but I’m gonna continue along my disjointed way.
  14. Seriously, I just caught the Birds of Prey cameo this time around, but I would have understood what was going on with no help.
  15. Also the cameos are a humungous help
  16. You’re always wondering who’s gonna show up next, you think, “isn’t it time for Diana to show up?” or why can’t Nightwing be a main character (I know, that one’s just me)
  17. The other amazing thing about 52 is how serialized it is (I lover serialization, get used to it)
  18. Seriously, I think they knew that it would only work if you had to stop between bits of stories before plunging on to the next one.
  19. That’s why the little summaries are in the floppies
  20. it’s also why commentary happens at the end of every issue, instead of at the end of the trade like DC usually does
  21. The commentary in the trades is worth the price of admission, really
  22. They do a nice job of covering everyone’s angle really nicely, which is vital for such a huge and well run team
  23. Massive kudos to Steve Wacker, editor extraodinaire for this and then following it up with his huge success on the thrice or twice monthly Amazing Spider-Man
  24. Either way, the writers/artists/trade designers manage to make you turn a few pages at minimum to get to the next bit of story, causing an artificial break that simulates to some extent the week people had to wait the first time around
  25. I hate that I had not yet realized how important it is to read serialized fiction with breaks the first time I read this.
  26. Still, the fact that I read the series in less-than-optimal conditions and it’s still one of the most powerful stories I’ve ever read in comics is an amazing tribute to the skill of the whole team.
  27. That being said, I totally want to finish my collection of the floppies before I try to make anyone else read 52.
  28. I think that 52 works as a conversion book that way, with the origin stories included.
  29. the commentariy sections of the trades (much as I love them) are a bit inside baseball for new readers
  30. whereas individual issues are not, somehow.
  31. Running low on time, some quick character squeeing then I’m hitting post
  32. out
  33. of
  34. time
  35. out
  36. Holy hell Cassie! I had no idea who you were before this read. I knew what you were, but not who. Aw sweetie.
  37. out
  38. of
  39. time
  40. out
  41. Tim, timmy, timmy, tim, tim, tim, tim you really made Bruce wait a long time before adopting you. I had to rejigger my mental timeline a bit for you.
  42. Also, Tim, your last appearance in 52 will always kill me. Endless tears, bro.
  43. out
  44. of
  45. time
  46. out
  47. Yeah, I gotta read more Captain Marvel.
  48. time
  49. out
  50. of
  51. time
  52. In conclusion, I love 52 and it’s something I can always revisit and find something new, without invalidating my original experience. It’s incredible

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