Dear Blog

Dear blog,

I’ve missed you. I know, I know. I left you for Twitter and I’ve dallied with Tumblr for years as well. I truly love microblogging and I left you in the dust.

I really do love it.

That being said, there are some things only a blog can do. I miss writing “Profiles in (Fictional) Knitting” for the late lamented Daily Chum and I’d like someplace to spew whatever incredibly pretentious thoughts careen through my head while I try to figure out how to write a book, and I frequently get annoyed at reviewers of just about anything because it seems like no one gets why things I love are great. I don’t knit as much or as steadily as I once did, a side effect of graduating school, working all day, and not watching much TV. It’ll still be a part of what goes on here, but less than it was in the past.

I also keep hearing that writers write better if they warm up and sell better if they engage.  So, dear blog, I’m giving this another go. I won’t commit to anything, I might lose interest again in about 10 minutes, but you are like a robot created by a very add scientist living alone on an asteroid, you don’t have anyone else to work on you, so you have to wait for me to get my butt in gear and work on you.

Thats more I’s than anyone should have to bear with, blog, so let’s close with the hope of more to come, forgetting how very often your author has abandoned you in the past.

Ever Cordially,



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