So, I is stupid.

Yeah, basically, I, who somehow manage to publish two “weekly” columns can’t seem to hit the publish button on the blog, meaning that posts haven’t been posted and the like (not that there have been many posts).

The main reason for this post is the new page tab you’ll see at the top of the layout. It contains links to everything I write that isn’t this blog. I’m sure most of you will see both, but hey it’s like an online compendium of my writing and is useful for me when I need to track down writing samples.

So my life is the usual, busy, homework-y, boring as regards my social life, nonexistant as regards my romantic life. I’m sick right now, so that sucks, I’m even too sick (really too tired on account of being sick) to knit. I’ve mostly been playing my DS. I beat Spiderman: Friend or Foe, which was really good, especially because the DS version used the DS’s 2 screens in a cool manner for the most part, but I was really disappointed in the lack of Daredevil and Elektra who are in the console games, but not the portable versions. I want another game to replace Friend or Foe in my choices (and because I have a grand total of 6 games that I can play on my DS, which is lame), and I’m trying to decide whether the DS version of Ultimate Spiderman is significantly better than the Game Boy Advanced (GBA) version. I have no clue about either, but I saw the game for $15 at the Target at home so it may come with me next time I’m there. Really I need to wait 2 days until I’m Birthday Girl and then maybe I’ll get a new toy. Before I got too sick to knit, I did do a bit of knitting:

Secret of the Stole ii is chugging along at a slothlike pace, mostly because I haven;t got a ton of time to work on it. I should really try to print out all of the charts soon, so I’m not left in the lurch when I don’t finish with everybody else.

My Kaylee socks are also chugging along. I brought them with me to the endorsing convention I went to on Saturday, but the crud I have now had started to steal my energy by then so I mostly played my DS (which is true of all of he last few days, I beat Spiderman: Friend or Foe in 3 sittings)


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