Hey there blogosphere!

So… well I haven’t been blogging much, I’m really busy. The good thing is that much of the busyness is writing, so if I’m not blogging much, at least I’m still writing. You can catch me over at The Chum on “Saturdays” for The Knitter’s Guide to the Galaxy (my events column) and “Wednesdays” for Profiles of Fictional Knitters. The days are in quotes because I’ve been horrible at actually getting stuff written for those days by those days. Then I’m pretty active on Ravelry and Twitter (I update there at least once a day), I write for the school paper (because apparantly this is important if you want to work in publishing) and then there are classes, one of which is Creative Writing, for which I write a lot. I really meant busy when I said busy.

Anyway, dispite my non-bloggin of late I do like to at least use my blog to commemorate milestones in my life, and I reached a major Milestone in my knitting life this last Friday when I finally finished the Weasley Sweater


Sorry for the cruddy shot but I’ve got no time for more. Anyway I’ve been working on this Sweater off and on for over 2 years, I got the Encore DK from my mom for Christmas 2005 and immediately started on the sweater as my “interim project” well three interims on and I’ve finished it. It’s nice, but the acryllic means that my loose guage allows it to droop, a lot. It is warm though and will be nice to throw on as a sweatshirt like thing.

Well, that’s it for me for now. Maybe I’ll have more to say another time.


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