No more of this.

Ok, so I had a whiny blog post all worked up about how I was self censoring myself for one reason and another and that’s why I’ve been all blog silent, but… that’s a lie, I’m just lazy. Now it’s finals, I’m procrastinating, and on 3 hours’ sleep. I’ll skip right to OTN: Gift Edition
I’m making three gifts for people before I leave school in a week. One is for my jury accompanist, one is for my Secret Santa, and the last is for my Economics Teacher.
My accompanist is a lovely girl who is on Hall Council with me and has fantastic blue eyes. I just happen to have some Knit Picks Pallete in exactly her eye color so she is getting wrist warmers so her hands can stay warm while she plays. I’m toying with doing a beaded edge a la Mrs Beeton, but we’ll let time decide on that one. Here is the progress on the first of her Wrist warmers (can you spot the hidden knitting?):
I want to give them to her on Friday, when my jury is. I think this may be possible, except for one thing.
My Secret Santa loves purple and recently lost her scarf. I have some purple yarn and I cast on for My So Called Scarf, after knitting on it almost all weekend here is my progress:
About two feet, and not bad, except that the Secret Santa exchange is also on Friday. Granted there is probably enough time between my jury and the exchange to knit the rest of the scarf, but I really don’t want to take that much risk, and my Mom reminds me that knitting things always takes longer than you think it will.
My Economics Teacher is pregnant, and as is my tradition I am knitting her baby booties. The closest thing to a gender neutral yarn I had was bright red, so I cast on, worked, didn’t like the shape I was making, frogged and cast on again with more stitches, it looks good now:
I have until next Tuesday on these, which is plenty of time, I hope!


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