I want to thank this blog for, from time to time, giving me an excuse to vent my frustrations to an imaginary audience and then delete them before they are ever seen. I do this all the time (which is part of why there haven’t been many posts of late), I’ll be upset, write a blog entry, and then poof I feel better because I told someone about it, figure out what is wrong, and how to fix it. In this case, for my own notes more than anything:
Adderall + Caffeine – Food = crazy destructive energy.
It is so simple, adderall gives you energy and prevents you from feeling hungry, caffeine keeps you awake and/or heightens your energy and because you’re energized you are more active and burn more calories, but you don’t feel the need to eat so you don’t and then feel horrid but energized. This would be very frustrating (speaking from personal experience here); anger and destruction could very easily follow. Everything makes sense.
Anyways, yes, knitting, I’ve done very little, there’s these projects I’m working on above all others 1) cleansing my room of as much unneeded junk as I can bear to part with and 2) The secret project I was reading Writing for Comics with Peter David for and crazy time due to not eating has again cost me any progress on anything again tonight (I’ve lost more than 10 hours to crazy time due to not eating this week alone and it’s such a stupid thing to mess up your life for). It’s late and I should go eat something so I can function in the morning at least. TTFN!


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  1. Chelsey

    So, off topic, but:

    what do you think of Edna St. Vincent Millay? I’m nearly done with a volume of her early works, and I must say I’m impressed.

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