I have no clue why this is funny…

but it so totally is. And I don;t even speak German. Also I was reading Writing for Comics with Peter David (full story on why later) and it’s totally enjoyable and really funny. In particular there’s this part where he’s talking about internal and external conflict and he says (paraphrased and emphasized to better show the funny) “So Frodo’s got the internal struggle of the ring corrupting and tempting him while he’s fighting external struggles of orcs, balrogs, and basically everyone and their brother (literally) trying to get the ring from him” I’ve been laughing about this for like 15 hours now and it’s still funny. Yeah, I also had Lord of the Rings Fest a couple of weekends ago (Lord of the Rings fest bing when my friends and I watch all three extended editions in a row) which is probable why this is so funny.

Continually waving that geek flag, yep, that’s me.


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