As go the Twins so go I, I would like to request a moment of blog silence for everyone effected by the collapse of the 35W bridge in Minneapolis today. It’s hard not to drive over that bridge, I did yesterday, my Mother and Sister both did today, my sister less than 10 minutes before the collapse. I hope everyone out there is fine.

Now, knitting!
So I hang out on the Lime and Violet Message Boards of Doooom and lately I participated in a swap for stitch markers. We all make enough markers for everyone in the swap and then we send them to a central person who then sends each person in the swap one marker made by each member of the swap. Now the theme was Lime and Violet and while everyone else in the swap pretty much thought of the colors, Lime Green and Violet (Purple). I, I took the road less traveled by. And that has made all the difference.
Now the Message Boards are a bit obsessed with Cthulhu, and there was a buzz about these My Little Cthulhu figures (I hesitate to call them dolls) and Cthulhu was mentioned as a possible topic and at that point, even though I voted for Harry Potter as the theme, I knew I was going to make these (sorry, they’re out of focus):
My Little Cthulhu Stitch Markers. They were a hoot and a half to make. And I did make a lot of them.
There were 13 people in the swap and we added Miss Lime and Miss Violet because they brought us all together, and I made an extra for breakage insurance. So I made 16 green Cthulhus, while watching the last six episodes of the wonderful Yakitate! Japan (an anime about baking bread, seriously) and drinking copious amounts of soda (I think it may have been Barq’s Root Beer, but I’m not sure). At the end of the greens I had leftover stitch marker materials and episodes, so I made more.Because the really charming thing about the My Little Cthulhus is that they come in both Green and Red, green for when Cthulhu is his normal self and Red for when he’s angry (interpretation stolen liberally from Miss Violet). So of course I had to add as many red Cthulhus as I could.
There are 20 altogether, and they were such fun. I also found out I’m a pretty deft hand at the Sculpey Clay, which worked out pretty well when I used my skills to make radish earrings for my Luna Lovegood costume for the Deathly Hallows release. Will you see more from me? Is an Etsy store in my future? Probably not, I have better (novelyer and knitterlyer) things to do with my spare time, but I like that I can always make a few makers should the need arise.



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2 responses to “Reveal!

  1. SuperSecretSockPal

    Glad you and yours are well. Those stitch markers are cute. It’s almost time….

  2. Redford Phyl

    Thought of you when we heard about the bridge. What a terrible thing.

    Love Cthulu! I can see them as earrings for LnV. Mine is going on a chain so I can wear him.

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