Before I And crash

Somehow the crash metaphors keep coming up…
Anyway I’m exhausted, since last week I have been running full out all day every day and I’m about to collapse. I go from work to play practice to my bed and then I get up and go to work. Repeat for three weeks. I do feel the need to blog at least slightly occasionally and I did finish the mini sweater today (okay, I need to put in the ribbon and weave in come ends, but it’s done and sewn and I wore it on stage and it was cute). Also I got into the Amy Singer class at Needlework Unlimited I hope work will be okay with me going (because I am going, if I can’t go to Stitches this makes up for the classes I’m missing). Which is one of those things that makes you think that this actually is a good world, because the class is closed beyond closed and quite full, but between this and Can’t Stop the Serenity and my own show all coming out (Sound of Music, 7:00 pm at Rockford High School Auditorium this Friday and Saturday 2 pm on Sunday and 7 pm on the 727-30th come, I’d love to see any of you!) it’s looking to be a mighty fine week. I need to sleep now. Bye!


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  1. Chelsey


    Your Bookswap pal says she never received her book, Was there a mix up? I totally understand if it slipped your mind, so let me know!!!


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