Oh God oh God we’re all going to die*

The quote in the title is from Serenity, Wash says it at the beginning of the movie, I was quoting and it was funny, not suicidal. I’ve already been suicidal today and this is not it. It was what came to mind in light of the last post being called “pull up, pull up”. I guess another one would be “stay on target, stay on target” but 1) that one is not in Wikiquote and 2) clearly my plane (or spaceship I guess) crashed instead of blowing up the Death Star. It’s a shame I can’t include Wikipedia links in my everyday dialog, because then everyone would actually understand the things I say.
Okay, by now it is really clear that this is yet another “I’ve had a bad day and now I’m gonna whine about it” post. Actually that’s really as whiny as I want to get because you’ve heard all I can really say anyway (I’m not being really secretive, just the troubles are incoherent and I like coherency). In conclusion, how do you get Taco Bell out of upholstery? Not that someone decided to incite a food fight in my new car or anything. Anyway, knitting:The picture is dated, this was on Thursday, it’s considerably larger now, there are things that look like sleeves and the beginnings of a body. It’s just that I’m a big girl and I need a big shrug, so it’s taking a while. The pattern is the minisweater by Stephanie Japel. Usually I dislike her patterns, but I like this one. It goes with my pretty white dress. The sweater needs to be done ASAP so everything else is on hold until I can finish it, STR included. The yarn is a new one (it wasn’t even on Ravelry yet) called Tranquility from Mooncake Yarn Inc. I know I heard about this yarn somewhere, but I cannot remember where. It is better than I don’t remember hearing it was. Seriously, it’s like knitting with woolly clouds. It’s soft and squishy and wonderful. I love knitting with it. I’m somewhat ashamed because at first I was looking for more of something in an Angora blend and really wanted to go back to the first yarn store I went to because they had yarn closer to what I intended, but I am so glad the store I was at didn’t have the right thing, because I love, love, love this yarn! Also, they’re gonna have an ickryllic blend called Serenity. Guess whose friends are getting very ironical Jayne hats?
PS: Edited to add that I picked a pattern for my Sockapaloooza yarn. I’m a gonna make Pomatomus. Squee!!! I’m really excited for my first Cookie socks ever! I decied by sitting my yarn down and looking at it and deciding that my LnV swap yarn was well suited to Monkeys, while the STR would make excellent Pomatomai!


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  1. SuperSecretSockPal

    Pomatomus is a great pattern. Your pal is going to have wonderful socks.

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