Pull up! Pull up!

I’m barely slying level right now, this day has been trying and I’m torn up plenty, let’s see if I can pull through. Good news though, I have lots of comforting things around me to get me through.
Comforting thing # 1 Socks That ROCK!!!
I ordered two skeins last week, one for my socakpalooooza pal’s socks (the farmhouse in front) and one for me (the knitty rules in back) because I continue to have bad times (remember when I said it would turn around). Well I think STR may be the best anti depressant I have ever had. It’s stushy and squishy and just beautiful.
I don’t even mind that the design I had originally planned to do didn’t work out because now I can go looking for a good pattern for it and knit it all over again!!! Seriously, I love this yarn. Also, any good pattern suggestions?

Comforting thing # 2 Finished Object!
These are the feather and fan socks, a la Wendy, and I lurve them, although they were too warm when I finished them to wear much, they should be better in the fall and for that matter during this cold snap we seem to be having.

Comforting Thing # 3 Returning to humanity
This is kind of a broad category, it mostly manefests in my newly cleaned room, complete with additional Ikea bookshelf and desk (for which I do not have a desk chair and thus am consequently sitting at but not using right now, as my laptop is in my lap while I recline in the butterfly chair). I also straightened my hair and put on somewhat fashionable clothing, tomorrow I may attempt makeup and a dress. I have to say, it feels really nice to be human again (only human again, we’ll be knick-nacks and whatnots no more…).
Comforting thing # 4 Monkey Toes
Unlike the Monkey’s Paw, Monkey Toes are from the mind of Momma Monkey, from whom I won a preview bag from on a contest on her blog. It arrived yesterday.
That is my lovely sister for scale. Here is a closeup:I got the pirate print, it’s the picture on the preview site and I just absolutely fell in love. It’s beyond fabulous. I can’t wait for her site to go live because although I am not the biggest fan of these little sock sized bags (I’ve lost two go knit pouches complete with yarn, needles and partially completed socks both times) I think a medium or large sized bag for a bigger project would be awesome! Also:

My kitty approves of my bag. Now I need some piratey swag to go with it. Sounds like the perfect excuse to go buy some yarn pirate if I ever heard one. Also I want Doubloon stitch markers. How could I go about getting some?
Comforting thing # 5 I made a really good pun.
Me and Jason Mraz are all about the wordplay. This is Chelsea‘s swap. We’re going to annotate a book and send it forward to another knitter. And even though Photoshop is the cause of my stress (no, PR is the cause of my stress, Photoshop is wonderful) I whipped up a little button for her. And that is a mighty fine pun if I do say so myself.

Alright, leave sock suggestions in my ego bin. I’m going to sleep and rejoice in the (momentary) relief from stress. WoT Now!



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3 responses to “Pull up! Pull up!

  1. J. Denae

    I ordered a lot of Blue Moon STR yarn a few months ago as serious retail therapy and haven’t knit any of it yet… if I knit it I won’t have it to hold and pet!!
    I did ask my home insurance guy if my yarn was covered under our policy… he looked at me like I was crazy and I said, “Well my camera is covered and I spent more money on the Blue Moon yarn alone than my camera!”
    He said he would get back to me.

  2. Christine

    Isn’t STR a great pick-me-up? I love it. What pattern are you doing?

  3. Lindsay

    oooh I hope I am your sock pal. I love STR, it’s what I asked for as my dream socks!!! Love those colors!

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