Worst. Blogger. Ever.

Seriously guys, I should be shot I’m such a bad blogger (with you know a virtual nerf gun, not a real one). I have really good excuses, and because it’s my blog and I like to make excuses for myself (and I took pictures for them) here they are.
Two GIANT research papers, one on Education in Nineteenth Century America and one on Jane Austen’s use of Bath in Persuasion. The worst part is that because these papers were written for the end of term I have no clue how I did on them , because I won’t get them back until Fall 😦 I think they went pretty well considering I got B’s in both classes (and I needed a really good essay grade to scrape a B in one of them). And the other…Well, I came home from college. And now I have two rooms worth of stuff in my bedroom and if you remember what my bedroom looked like in March, well, it’s comparable if not worse now. I have no will to fix it, but until I do I have no space to live in really. Right now the Lappy is living on the kitchen table, and I am out here with it much of the time. Tomorrow I’ll venture outside (I’m even going to garden and mow the lawn!).
Anyway, progress has been made on all (fibery)fronts, more minor in the case of the Tiffany mittens:
more major in the case of the Feather and Fan socks:
And the knitting I did for Afghans for Afghans is done and sent out on the 19th (well in time for the deadline of the 25th).
that hat was finished by the time I sent it, obviously. I liked these projects, if I can use the yarn for it I’ll make similar ones when I move on to do the Dulaan ones, which should be tomorrow, I realize as I figure out that the order of my charity projects needs to be fixed, as Rebuilding Greensburg-Block by block has a later send in date than Dulaan.
I also spun.This is for a knitted square I made for the Grandmother of a friend of mine who last school year showered us in these great crochet scarves (I hate to say that they’re great, because of my knitting loyalty, but they really, really are wonderful) and then this year made enough afghans for every room in our group of friends (that’s 12) to have one and when she heard that we were sharing two to an afghan made us 11 more so every person could have one. We felt the need to give back and while she has no need for blankets or anything we all (all meaning like 17 of us) made her a 4×4 square of our talents and put them all together in a wall hanging thing. I spun and then knitted my square, using fiber from Nitstock Farms and the Luckenbooth medallion by Girl from Auntie. I hope to know soon how she liked our project.
I’d show you the Weasley Sweater, but it looks more or less the same as it always does, i.e. a big green blob of blobbiness that will keep me warm in the movie theater come the new date of July 11. I am rather happy about this new date, because now all of the Harry Potter events are nicely spaced out, with five day between the movie and the Harry and the Potters concert and then five between the concert and the book. At least the book is last, I would still go to the HatP concert afterwards (like I will should they be somewhere I am whilst I am on Vacation) but I would be bittersweet. So by uploading my pictures I find that I haven’t photo blogged in about a month. So here is what I did:
I Went to Chicago:
For a wedding where, in good Irish tradition… there was a bagpiper.
Which, you know, makes me think of Scotland, but as my extended family (and Wikipedia) tell me, the pipes are used in Ireland and I have to say, the best songs I’ve heard played on a bagpipe are Irish ones (Danny Boy… oh man, so pretty)While in Chicago I also went to loopy yarns, to which Amy recently went as well. I have never been in such a friendly yarn store. I felt like I made friends with the ladies that worked there and because they were so nice and also because I got seriously car sick on the way to Chicago and the only thing that made me feel better was the lacewings, I bought two skeins of Seasilk. And two of Lorna’s Laces. I feel off the Yarn Diet wagon pretty spectacularly, it makes yesterday, wherein I bought my first two skeins of Socks That Rock, seem restrained and frugal.
And finally, I went home for Mother’s day, and because my family + Baseball = ❤ Twins game on Saturday and a Fiber Festival on Sunday.
That’s what I wore to the fiber festival. We decided that the Twins are most likely to win when our three shirts align, I have Joe Nathan (our star reliever) and my sisters have Boof Bonser (our number 2 pitcher, who for some reason inspires outstanding batting) and Joe Mauer (who is our catcher and the reigning batting champion).
Ok I have to go work on those Feather and Fan socks now, they’re going to be my socktopia contribution for the month, which means I need to finish them by Tomorrow, but then I’ll post about things I didn’t photograph and do the meme I was tagged for.


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  1. Cactusneedles

    Sounds like you had/have a lot going on. Did you get to see a Cub game? 🙂

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