In the midst of finals, knitting

I. Wrote. An 817 word paper. In 40 Minutes. I had no choice, the lappy crashed and deleted the first one. It’s the middle of finals and this was my last paper, and I did a good job… on the first one, the second may be the second worst paper I’ve ever written, just as it took the second least amount of time to write. Also, this may be weird, but because it’s finals I have had the strangest desire to take time and do things for others. I mean charity knitting of course. I’m knitting hats constantly for Afghans for Afghans until Saturday when I need to send them in, then I’m gonna make a square or five for Rebuilding Greensburg, and then it is totally Dulaan time. I feel like, in this time that is so much about me and what I am doing, I should take time off and help other people. I think I want to continue this through the play I’m working with starting immediately after I get home too. Usually I knit things for the director(s) while I’m hanging out backstage, but this time I think it will be more of this kind of stuff, Dulaan mostly I think, and I’ll donate it in their names at the end.
Moving on to slightly less serious matters, this is the most perfect sweater ever and I want it. I mean, come on! It’s named after one of my favorite literary characters of all time and it’s gorgeous! This reminds me that I need to read the CRAFTblog far more often, because I miss out on things like this if I don’t. Also, I don’t have the yarn for it (shut up, it’s too springy for the Jazz) so I would need… yes need! to buy yarn for it. Darn it that might have to be my after finals present (the list grows ever longer… grrr…)
About the post finals present, I have always felt wronged that my parents never reward me for my grades, so ever since college started I’ve been giving myself rewards fro making it through each big round of tests.
So far for this post-finals present I have:
1) Knitpicks CotLin for the Cables and O’s Sweater from No Sheep for You. I’ve loved this sweater ever since that knitty blog post, and, as a cotton and linen blend it is actually practical for summer (I desperately want this to be a part of my Stitch n’ Pitch Ensemble, but we’ll see how that goes).
2) Yarn for Mrs. Darcy (link above) I am in serious love right now, but it would work better for fall and if I still love it in late summer then it was meant to be. Also, if I wait until then I could buy yarn for it at Stitches (I’m not technically going yet, but I may need to take my first grown up Vacation) 3) A set of imps from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. This is a big fad over on the Lime and Violet Messageboard (I’m like, seriously addicted to the board) and I have a post it with all the scents I want on it hanging above my desk. 4) A sweater’s worth of Cascade 220 because Webs has it on deep, deep discount. This could be the Rogue yarn, because Rouge is going to be my Fall or Winter School project, also perhaps the simple knitted bodice, because I love that too, or Wicked, except I would have to knit it in Black and Green. And I think I could use Cascade for any of those.
So let me know what you think (because I love hearing from you). Which one should I give myself?
Pictures and things later, I have made muchly progress, but right now I am in need of the studying magic!



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2 responses to “In the midst of finals, knitting

  1. SuperSecretSockPal

    I applaud your ability to write an 817 word paper in forty minutes. I think if that had happened to me, I might have collapsed in a bundle of nerves.

    I also like charity knitting for many reasons. It does help keep me from becoming too inwardly-focused and a more balanced perspective.

    I like both patterns. I can vouch for the loveliness of Cotlin.

  2. V

    Hi, I’m tagging you for the seven random things meme – details on my blog if you are interested. 🙂

    I LOVE the Mrs. Darcy sweater. If only I wasn’t afraid of sweaters (well, and pregnant just now – I don’t think the pattern comes in “house” size, does it?)…

    Good job on the super quick paper! When I was in college, I worked best under pressure, but the accompanying stress was awful! Good luck on your finals.

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