Life Sucks, send cookies

I have been busy, and knitting, and doing all manner of wonderful things, and I know that right now life sucks so much worse for people in Kansas and even other people in this dorm, but I’m not feeling too selfish when I say that life sucks for me and that’s all I want to talk about.
So remember last year when life kinds sucked? Well as if to summon the spirits of choir list announcement days past today was an almost total repeat of last year, except on a Monday. I don;t need to list everything, but it’s got the works, rejections (x 3), dissapointments, failures (not literal, because I know Mom reads this blog), Emily Dckinson (whom I love, but has the ability to make me feel very sad), upsetting things, and just general shit. It sucks, and it has sucked for days and my emotional elastic is all worn out. I seriously haven’t got the resilience left to just bounce back like I usually do. I just keep crying, I’ve been crying and crying for going on 8 hours now, but there’s no escape, no break, life doesn’t stop because I had a bad day. I just really wish it could.
I know that last year it all turned around and life was good again, but right now it feels like there’s a dementor on my sholder and that I’ll never be happy again.

Knitting later, emoness now. I have to go.



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3 responses to “Life Sucks, send cookies

  1. SuperSecretSockPal

    I was wondering where you were. I am sorry to read that you are having such difficulties. I understand in ways that I wish I did not. It is good that you are able to see the pattern that you had these same troubles a year ago, and that it did turn around. Remember to reach out for help if you need it. Don’t leave yourself alone in the pit too long. Others can help fight the dementors alongside you.

    I think I have decided on your Sockapalooza socks, and I believe that you will really like them. They involve a bit of complexity I have never incorporated in socks, so it will be a challenge for me. We will just have to see how it goes. I still have several other ideas that I think you will like.

  2. Erin Kelly

    thank you sock pal! Don’t worry too much about me, I do live with 10 of my closest friends when I’m at school so I’m very well taken care of. As I ment to say in my post, it’s just that my emotional elastic is shot and I just can’t bounce back like I usually do. Hopefully this is at least half hormones and I’ll turn a corner (emotionallly at least) in a couple of days. I do have good things coming up, but you’ll just have to wait to hear about them 😉

  3. Yarn Thing

    Well, I feel really bad for you! I hope you are doing better. I know this is really superficial advice but here it is anyway,

    Knitting Doctors version of “take two and call me in the morning”:

    Go to your LYS, pick out the one skein of yarn you have been drooling over for months and get it. You don’t have to buy a lot of it, only one skein will do. When you get home and life seems to be beating you down, look at that skein of yarn and think to yourself…

    …no matter how bad it gets or how out of control I feel, I can always control you (the skein of yarn) and make you into WHATEVER I want to!

    I hope that helps (and makes sense)

    Here’s to making you smile!


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