So I’m off to Chicago for a wedding tomorrow and though I have not dome much packing yet I have spent much of time thinking about what knitting I should bring. 7 hours in the car (and that’s just getting there) = a lot of knitting time and while I had 10 episodes of Lime and Violet to listen to this morning (I’m behind ok!) and even though I had a rough day and am getting down towards 8 that in no way covers the breadth of podcasts I have yet to listen to. So long story short I have lots of knitting time and knitting entertainment I don’t know what knitting to bring. I only want to bring one knitting bag (and a purse, overnight bag, and book bag… I don’t travel light) and inside I have decided to bring one large and one small project on the trip and just make them happen. Anyway I thought I’d let you decide. Here are the choices.

Big Projects:
The Weasley Sweater
I have been knitting this sweater since last January (it was put aside for the Knitting Olympics) and the goal is now to finish it for the Harry Potterness that is July. Also Tomorrow (Thursday) is half way day. That is it is day 85 of the 160 day wait from the announcement of the release date on Feb 1 and the actual release date on July 21. So it would be all kinds of cool to knit on this tomorrow, but as this is for me I would feel selfish because I have gifts to finish. This is as big as the sweater has gotten. I haven’t knit on it since then anyways.

The Tiffany Mittens
These were a gift for a friend of mine. Her birthday was in January… so I really owe her. I saw this and I knew I needed to make them for her (she loves Tiffany lamps) but it’s now almost May and we have no cold anywhere near us. Also I really dislike colorwork so sticking myself in a car with only this to do may inspire a bit of progress. Of course this is about where I am on the second Mitten right now (this is actually a picture of the first mitten).

Those are you choices… Pick One!

Small Projects:
Feather and Fan Socks
From Wendy’s pattern, I started these in November during NaNoWriMo when I couldn’t take it any more. I like the socks but I’ve had trouble making the second match the fist on a size level.

The Circley Wristwarmers
Another birthday Present, also for a friend, although her birthday was less than a month ago and I would feel bad if these were done before the Tiffany ones were.

Choose Away!

Ok off to bed, off to bed! (Or cleaning and then lab reports… ewww. school)


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