Today’s blog is brought to you by Patience

Let me tell you, with the amount of time I’ll have to put in to get this written, I’ll need all the patience I can get. I’m writing this in ten minute increments over about three hours. Why? you may ask?

I have a boo boo. It’s just a strain, I joined the crew team and my wrists are not overly fond of hauling boats (imaginary so far, we’ve been on the machines, we call them ergs) through the (again imaginary) water and they were complaining a lot this morning, hence the wrap and my status as the one handed typer!

And now for some long overdue content!
Firstly, FO! FO! FO! Lookie my lacewings Shawl!!!
I took this picture during spring break, while the shawl was blocking. It looks even prettier on:Don’t’cha think?

And now to give credit where it is due I owe major apologies to Weirdlings, my LnV secret swap partner. She spoiled me rotten and I didn’t make time to blog about it until now, almost a month later (I am the worst blogger ever)

This box had the major goodness in it. Candy:A Candle (and ribbon, but ribbon is not alliterative):

(I) Can’t believe it’s a bunny (and a Cardholder)
Post-it’s and a notebook (too tired to alliterate)

And the most beautiful yarn imaginable! Seriously guys, this yarn is so amazingly perfect that I cannot think of anything better. It is destined to become my Perfect Pair of Pomatomus. Also, she somehow managed to find Miss Lime and get her to help pick out my yarn! My yarn has the Miss Lime seal of approval! It is also Cherry Tree Hill, with which I have been in love for centuries (ok, two years) they have those giant skeins hanging in my LYS and well, giant skeins of wool with glitter spun in…
Beautiful, no? You’d think after all that hard work Weirdlings would kick back, take a break… nope, not her. She sent me another package:

More ribbon, chap stick, note cards, a shopping list magnetic pad (my inner Soccer mom loves this thing beyond reason, I’ve already used it a bunch), very pretty stitch markers, and a magnetic letter E, which is not in the photo because I put it on my formerly pretty bare fridge.

The best thing about this package was that it came hours after Bev sent my prize from Scout’s Preppiness contest (I got third place, remember). She sent me note cards!
These things are amazing! They are pink and green paisley with green and pink, leopard spotted envelopes. I marvel at their glory! Of course I immediately took one out and sent it to my dear friend Nyata who is the most devout priestess of the Church of hot pink and lime green. I could really not think of any stationary more fitting to send her a letter with than this stuff.
The saddest thing about having stationary now is that I didn’t join the Kitterly Letter Swap over at Domesticat because I thought I didn’t have stationary. Of course that is because I had put away all of the pretty stuff Weirdlings gave me for my first package, which included note cards, remember? Out of sight, out of mind, right? Oh well, I have every intention of being a letter savior, or else (hopefully) there will be round 2 and I shall be in it.
Now I must close because I keep accidentally typing with my left hand and that hurts, good night ladies, good night sweet ladies, good night, good night!!!



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2 responses to “Today’s blog is brought to you by Patience

  1. Chelsey

    Aww, i’m sorry about your wrist! Your L&V swap stuff is soooo pretty!

  2. Erin Kelly

    I forgot to put it in my post yesterday but my wrist is all better. A day of having it wrapped and a lot of sleep made my boo boo go away.

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