In which I am seriously weird.

So… long time no blog. I’m sorry guys. I’m especially sorry to my LnV swap partner who has not had the pleasure of having me gush over her wonderfulness in a public forum. Hopefully she can forgive me for one (hopefuly not a few) more day(s), because I am B-E-A-T beat. I can prove this categorically.

Ok so I was working on my psychology lab report and the following… thing…just came out of my brain. This means it is time for a break and some English homework.

The first moose went into the store to buy me some milk and then the second moose said to me, my you are the luckiest girl in the world too have a moose to buy your milk. To which I replied, well yes, but I don;t like milk that much, so I don’t know why the moose is buying me milk. He said that it was all for the sake of alliteration and that if I should so wish the moose could get me motzaball soup and meat. I replied that I wasn’t hungry and that while m is an excellent letter to alliterate upon I would rather he chose to buy m non food items, perhaps matches, mohair, or a monocle.

I am exceedingly strange. That is all. Also thanks a bunch to everyone who commented. It’s really nice to know that people are out there reading the crazy things I say/do. Oh and my superhero is totally… River, just kidding (although my non sequitor rant definately supports that theory), Molly, because I am really an 8-year-old inside (12 is much closer to 8 than 20 is) and saying things that ease tension is a great hobby of mine, and I mean, seriously, you have amazing superstrength but once you use it you have to take a nap (which would be another of my hobbies). Also, Molly is a mutant, which menas she can totally be on the x-men if she ever stops running, and my first comic book love is for the x-men. IN additon I would like to say that my love of Molly has noting to do with the fact the Joss Whedon loves her too (really, seriously, in all honesty). Of course Molly’s out the window if The Winter Soldier ever gets a love interest, because I would want to be her sinceI love him in a crazed, fangirlish, teenagerish way. I mean he’s both hot and totally badass, what more could a girl want?


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  1. Lily

    just stopping by…

    cool site. hysterical-love the knitting club pics! i can’t wait for the new harry potter either…

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