Whoring for Comments

So I’ve been commenting on other people’s blogs and I even won (third place) in Scout’s preppiness contest:

Pictures of my uniformed Preppiness! The first one (I’m holding the thingy you use to measure the golden mean) is of me (Captain of the Math League) and the rest of the Math League (If I knew how to make the html for strike through I would have used it to put nerds with a strike through through it before Math League), then comes the knitting club (I was president) I’m the one who is actually knitting… And the last one is me on my last day of high school celebrating the fact that I no longer had to wear uniforms.

Anyhoo because I suspect that a few (ok nearly 200) people have wandered over after seeing my preppiness at Scout’s, and Pippi (Which I only just found out happened!!!) and I’ve been commenting elsewhere as well. I know from my creepy stalkerish ways that you are all here so give me a shout out! So far I have heard from Domesticat and she totally made my day be commenting. So I am now blatantly whoring for comments. Being a poor college student, I have no prizes with which to tempt you at the moment, but in the summer when jobs happen and alpacas are sheared (there are 2 alpacas, one white, one black, and one llama, brown, living in my family’s yard, and guess who’s the only spinner) I could possibly change my tune. Anyway you can just say hi or else you can answer my favorite of all the weird icebreaker questions, ‘If you could be any existing superhero, who would you be?’ (note that I may be biased to like one of the big two comic companies more than the others and that I would consider Buffy the Vampire Slayer a superhero)



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3 responses to “Whoring for Comments

  1. beverly

    I would totally be Wonderwoman. She’s got the best jet around!

    Could you contact me so I can get your addy to mail your prize? Thanks!


  2. kniternet

    Just came across your blog – very funny! Good luck with the NaNoWriMo, I did it last year and am just finishing the editing now – good times! Happy knitting and writing, and I hope you feel better soon. Oh, and as far as the superhero thing, I’d have to go with Buffy – how can you not love the Buffster?

  3. Cactusneedles

    I would be Batgirl. She has a cool costume and may, one day, get to drive the Batmobile.
    And, I know, getting comments is great!!!:)
    Have a great day.

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