Definately not as good as Cabo.

Spring break has really gone down hill from Monday, it’s been rainy and cold and I’m bad at taking my antibiotics and I’m relapsing a little bit (and I’m underestimating because I’ve ingested a LOT of Advil) . So I’ve done knitting on this and that and I blocked the lacewings shawl but I need to take pictures yet (I’m sick). Anyway, because I’m sick and also because it’s Friday and we can’t eat meat Mom and I went to the movies for “lunch” (ok, popcorn) and we saw Blades of Glory, which was a typical Will Farrell movie, vulgar, ridiculous, and pretty darn funny. I’m not sure if Will Farrell got hurt enough for everyone to like it (one of my friends dislikes him a lot and only likes Talladega Nights because Will Farrell gets hurt a lot) but I liked it. It helped me that my Mom used to be a figure skater so we grew up watching skating and skating ourselves a bit so I really enjoyed it. I think I’ve been desensitized to these kind of movies though because Mom couldn’t get past the disgusting parts (there were quite a few) and I didn’t mind too much , though, so I’m either desensitized or else the medicine got to me.
Also this post makes me really happy because I filled this whole page with only posts I’ve made in March (which is only 10, but I’m still proud of it). I don’t think I’ve managed it before and so I’m very glad to have done it, finally. Perhaps I’ll become a good blogger.
Also, for a Brothers Karamazov I’ve only got 11 hours left now, which is pretty good considering (sick=sleepy). I passed from part 3 to part 4 today and it felt really good.
Anyways now I’m going to close because I keep coughing so hard that I tear up and can’t see and now I should sleep.


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