So no knitting today. I am sick and all my energy was spent fixing a terrible wrong in my living space. This morning my closet looked like this:
This is what I found under those clothes:
And this is what it looks like now.This is my entry way.
This is it now (sorry for the lack of turning again)
It looks so much better in real life, I messed it up a bit right before I took this picture by taking things like my book and water over to my bed for sleep. In case you’re wondering what is going on with the pink stripedy thing it is covering another wall flaw like the one you can see in the picture there. I have plans to put quarters and remnants and all sorts of clothy things all over my room like that (I’m not allowed to paint it). It’s all a result of this being next to the room where my sisters and I used to play and where my youngest sister lived. There is a lot of stuff on the walls and I’m feeling so much better with just the few I’ve already done.

Moving on, this is my bed, note how there were no sheets, and junk all over it.
And this is the wall behind the now spider man sheeted bed (yes, I have spider man sheet, I really am an 8-year-old boy deep down)

I like these a lot. I always wanted to paint this wall bright pink (it’s the one with arguably the most damage) and the brocade remnant and the quarter from JoAnn (God bless that store) are a most welcome change of pace. My old bedroom was very green and as I can’t paint either my dorm room or this the guest room, I’m glad for whatever color I can bring in.
Now I am sure you are wondering why am sharing the disgustingnessthat was my room with you all. Well, to put this plainly (because I am pissed off about it and I feel like sharing) my sister and mother (mostly my sister) have been treating my room (Dad says it is my room) as a dump and every time I come home for a break I need to clean my room all over again. I really dislike cleaning, especially when it is not my mess. Needless to say I am less than pleased about spending my whole day making this room nice again and I do not look forward to doing this again next time (Dad says he’ll keep my sister out but I don’t believe it). On the bright side I’ve been listening to Brothers Karamazov all day with the result that I have now listened to 20.5 hours of it and I’m beginning to realize how much this is serialized fiction. Oh my goodness is Dostoevsky long winded.
Anyway I’m sick and it’s late and perhaps I’ll knit again before I sleep, that would be nice.


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