I am such a bad blogger

I mean Curt Schilling has more posts than me. And he’s a busy professional baseball player. Oy. I’m mostly just popping in to say ‘hi’ complain that I am inferior than Curt Schilling (I guess I knew that already though, didn’t I?) And to show/remind you of this:

Harry Potter Cover Art! I like how different the color sceme for this one is so different from what it has been in the past. All the other American covers have tended to the cool side of the spectrum with the exception of Chamber of Secrets which was predominated by a rich, almost jewel toned. red. This cover seems to have taken its pallete from a sunset, I suppose it could be a sunrise in the sky back there, but considering where Harry’s heading I’m inclined to believe it’s a sunset. The concept will look great on the Halfway Day T-Shirt. Halfway day is the midpoint between the announcement of the release date for the Harry Potter book and the actual release date itself. I celebrate with a custom T-Shirt (I think I may tie dye this year’s). This year halfway day is in mid April but I don’t have the date at home with me. Previously I’ve been pretty bad about the t-shirts (for Half-Blood Prince the Art was really off center) but I knew this was coming and hopefully I can make some rockin’ Potterwear!
Talk to you tonight!



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2 responses to “I am such a bad blogger

  1. domesticat

    hahaha “curt schilling has more posts” than you. thanks for the link to his blog. can’t believe he has one yet not really surprised either.

  2. Erin Kelly

    Apparantly he is quite technilogially literate, he’s also a gamer and has his own game company. All that and he pitches too.

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