Friggin Taxes

I just don’t understand how this all works and where I thought I understood now I have no clue, but as it is approaching midnight I’m giving up and I’ll blog instead. I really feel like a bad person because I took so long to post about the wonderfulness that is my swap partner. To tell the truth I had a horrible two weeks leading up to and through my birthday. It was 90% unrelated to anything except outside things (neither school, nor knitting, nor reading related) taking up so much time that I had no time for anything anymore. Anyway in the depths of all of this I received (on March 16, right before my birthday) this: Now not only do I, as everyone else must I’m sure, love getting mail, but this came so immediately before my birthday and after I told her (or him) that it was my birthday that I decided it was meant to be a birthday present and the fact that I opened it a few days early was of no matter. It really made my day and (here I begin to cry trying to describe what it meant to me) I was in such a dark place that this totally restored me to light because someone out there actually cared about me enough to send me a little present. So, swap buddy, if you’re reading this THANK YOU, thank you, Thank You.
I mentioned a while ago that I had received another package and I did take a picture of it (on top of the beautifully decorated LnV envelope as a mater of fact). Here it is:
A Susan Bates sock needle set. I saw one over Christmas Break and have been lusting after it ever since. As I was faced with a JoAnn Gift Certificate I used it to my advantage and had this sent to me. It came the day before the LnV package and once again made my day. I have yet to use these (I have a knitting related plot which I’ll get to in a moment) because I’m knitting other things and not any of my beautiful sock yarns, but you can bet your boots I will knit with these soon!
So on to my knitting related plot. I have been obsessed lately (inspired by a certain someone) with whipping my life into order. I’ve made to do lists, organized my life (no, really), and I really want to knit all of my UFO’s (which is about 3 at the moment, because I’ve lost all the other ones) I finished the Lacewings shawl (I still need to block it; then I’ll post pictures), and I’ve made little progress on nothing else since. I need to be in a color work mood to work on the Tiffany mittens, I failed for hours at the second feather and fan sock, and I started the wrist warmers you saw yesterday. The only sign of progress anyone can see is the Weasley Sweater. Now I started the Weasley sweater in January 2006 as my interim project. I made the back and started the front before the knitting Olympics got in the way. As I am painfully aware I didn’t finish my Tubey sweater until October and until last week the Weasley languished in the bottom drawer of my stash unit (I’m a poor college student, give me a break!) I think this picture may have been taken while I was still on the back but here is the only other picture of the sweater:

From January 2006. And here is the front now:

It’s maybe 10 inches long right now. I have a strong and desperate desire to finish it in the next week, because a week from today I will be getting ready to meet the Yarn Harlot. Luckily for me I still have… 30 hours of Brothers K left (give or take some minutes). Now I’m off on a desperate quest… I am going to clean my room. Update tomorrow.


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