Almost as good as Cabo

I apologise in advance for my lack of any kind of photo editing including and mostly limited to being too lazy to rotate photos before I uploaded them into blogger. Sorry guys!

So it was 81 degrees today. 81. I picked a really good week to be on spring break. Speaking of break I think this may be the first time I’ve managed to blog while on break. I think the weather is totally to blame, for once I’m between being completely inactive (alright I was completely inactive between Friday and Today) and totally over scheduled (like I am when I come home for the weekend in the middle of the semester). I’m just mostly stuck at home, but there’s plenty to do. Mostly, I need to “read” The Brothers Karamazov.
As I’ve mentioned in the sidebar Brothers K (as we affectionately call it) has been my requires bedtime reading for my fifth and (thank God!) final Great Conversation class. There is no way of getting out of it, we’re spending two weeks on discussing this monster and there is no way to fake your way through that much discussion. I’ve been terrified all semester as friend after friend has told me their reading speed on this, we’re hearing 20 pages an hour. For reference, I tend to read about 80-100 pages an hour on fiction and when I’m reading a new book and have a lot of enthusiasm/adrenaline I’ve been known to push that even higher (I read the entirety of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in 4 hours the first time). So needless to say I was less than pleased at trudging at a depressingly slow clip through my least favorite of all genres, Russian Literature (it’s true, my copy of Anna Karenina is covered in various multicolored versions of “I hate Russian Literature”). I’d rather read the driest, most boring scientific textbook in existence than face another long Russian novel. It’s not that I dislike the ideas , The Seagull is actually one of my favorite plays and I find it very thought provoking, despite it being Russian, but the endless philosophical drivel and the unending talk about class and socialism and politics make it impossible for me to really enjoy a lick of the book. Now we know that our edition of Brothers K (not listed on Amazon anymore for some reason) is exactly one page longer than the American Edition Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, I’m not sure if it’s hardcover or paperback, because as you can see:
my book is still unopened but my guess is the latter so longer than everything except Order of the Phoenix and Deathly Hallows and at 20 pages an hour it would be about the same length (37 hours) as listening to the Audio book. So I’m listening to the audio book and I am going to knit up a storm, clean and (provided there’s time) redecorate my room, do a huge amount of chores, and I’ll probably still be scrambling for things to do with my leftover Brothers K time. Now the best part about the Brothers K thing is that I gave up TV for lent (well, watching TV alone) and this will fill the hours that I probably would have spent watching Angel or Buffy otherwise.
So after that long ramble I should really get back to where I left myself at knit out. When we last left out heroine she had been joined by her mother and the two were preparing to plunder and pillage their way across the Mall of America in search of knitting goodies. There was so much plunder that when I finally got around to unpacking it all I just put it in piles according to what kind of stuff it was. So this will appear in no particular order and I’ll explain what I can remember about everything.Not from the knit out but still partially knitting related this ingenious little doohickey props open your book so you can read hands free, page turning is not the easiest of processes but you can get into the rhythm eventually. I had one of these guys and lost it so this is one of two replacements ans stands as the best solution I’ve found so far for knitting and reading at the same time.
A Clover catalogue. In case you forgot I bought a set of clover bamboo size 0s in London and I loved them to pieces (sadly one of those was literally) so I am trying valiantly not to order anything from this catalogue.
Clover bamboo size 17’s. I have no clue what I’ll knit on Bamboo size 17’s but I know I could slay a few vampires with
This is a pin we got from Clover, which I should have worn on St. Patrick’s day but I forgot due to the fact that I was distracted by my own flashing Shamrock Earrings. I thought it was just so cool of Clover to give us this, it was part of what won them the favorite both award in my book.

My single favorite item from the pillage, my very own needle gauge! I’ve been wanting one forever and I am so glad to finally have one. I’ve put mine to good use already by organizing the DPN’s and I put Mom’s to good use by finding 5 5’s for a project I started here out of the disorganisation that is her needle stash.Just a shot of the pile of full size magazines, patterns and advertisements I got (I predict that I will use exactly 0 of these but they were free)

Crochet hooks may be the spawn of the dark arts but I really like that I have them. I do have serious ambitions of the amigurumi type so you never know but I may just put these to good use someday. half size ads… le sigh
a sample of one of the Vicki Howell Yarns. I’m not sure which one this is, (the one with Milk in it maybe) but I like the color!The real yarn haul!!! There are four skeins of the fluffy stuff (I’m dreaming of a mostly free sweater!) and some surprisingly complimentary free “crap” yarn (this may provide the means for creating Amigurumi aliens)
the Half sized patterns, The Mason-Dixon girls (Happy Birthday Kay!) would be so proud of the mitered square blanket on top there!

And finally knitting content! I’ve been quoting Evil Willow all day and I think my family is getting sick of hearing “Bored Now” every ten to twenty minutes (were Brother’s K a sentient being I think it would be more sick than anyone). Now I don;t feel like working on my most current project, I’ve resurrected the abandoned Weasley sweater (do you remember it from last January) my progress thus far has been negative due to dropped stitches and a bit where I knit part of a purl row but I figure I can get used to endless flat stockinette again, especially because I have an insane desire to finish it before April 4 when Her Harlotness comes. This may seem impossible until you remember that I have 37 hours of Brothers K to listen to and suddenly 3/4 of a sweater in 8 days seems possible. I have plans for it, but I’ll talk about it tomorrow when I have no plans a a whole lot of free time. Anyway the child of toady’s boredom was this: Which will be yet another pair of wrist warmers this time for a friend who I don’t think reads this blog but I won’t name because she may just be as bored as I am this week and she does not have Brothers K hanging over her head (lucky nonner*). I also want to block the Lacewings shawl, finish the Tiffany Mittens, and knit a sock. My guess is the sock and the sweater won’t finish, but the other two (being gifts) will.

This has been epic and no matter what Blogger says it’s actually 2 am on the 27th so I’m gonna sleep now. Nightie Night! (I’m gonna listen to Brothers K to go to sleep…Sadly)

*as opposed to a conner, or someone participating in Great Conversation
**Also, today I discovered I can spell Amigurumi correctly, which makes it my third most impressive word that I can spell from memory after Nietzsche and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (I learned that one before the musical made it easy!)


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