Fun in the sun and Knit out post 1

I’m good at rhymes. 🙂
Anyway so I’ve been waiting on making the post for knit out until I took pictures of all the swag I’d gathered. But I’m a lazy bum and I haven’t even touched any of it lately so I thought I’d updat with what I have done. First off, I’ve been pretty active about the photography side of things lately, for those who don’t know I’m a fairly accomplished photographer and I’ve produced a lot of images for yearbooks and publicity stuff and this year I started working for the newspaper here at school. My favorite assignment so far was the Motion City Soundtrack Concert concert I covered this fall and for which the camera ate all of the pictures (I took some really good ones too!). My second favorite was covering the dedication ceremony for our newly restored chapel and organ and while the best picture I got of oran and choir made it into the paper, my favorite overall shot was left by the wayside. However, thanks to the glory of blogging I can still share it:
I made the candles match up with the windows. 🙂
Anyhoo, knit out! I can’t believe it was almost a month ago already, it seems like only yesterday I was showing the tiger mittens the snowy Minnesota countryside
Of course while the miten and I were making our may to the Mall of America I remembered that while I lacked a pair of mittens, what I really needed in my outerwear was a pair of fingertip gloves. And so I pulled the gloves back a bit and they rapidly became the tiger gloves.
So once we reached the Mall of America the Tiger glove and I began meeting knitters. We were playing in Legoland (I actually drooled over the Star destroyer, real drool too, not metaphorical stuff) when a nice lady pulled us aside and asked if my sweater was the Fairly Easy Fair Isle from Sittch ‘n Bitch Nation, which, of course, it was. It turned out that this nice lady was a knitter who was allergic to wool and was wondering if the sweater could be knit in a non-wool. Now it so happens tht I could not afford wool at the time of my knitting the Fairly easy Fair Isle and it happens to be knit in Lion Brand Jiffy which is similar in guage but not anything else to the lamb’s pride bulky called for by the pattern. After telling her about the non wooliness of the sweater I told her about Amy’s book, which she had not heard of (imagine! not knowing of the guru behind knitty!) Speaking of Amy I started the eventful demand for her in Minneapolis and we’ve reached #3 on the most demands list. I’m striving for at least #2 so if anyone hasn’t voted yet or doesn’t care I would be much obliged if you would go put in a vote for us! Back at knit out, the tiger glove and I took in all the knitters assembled to take advantage of the many freebies and knitting celebs present.

And then we proceeded to wait for Mom, for a really long time, which we filled by wandering around the mall. We went to buy the new Knit.1 and then went to the knit.1 booth to meet Michelle (I got a shout out on her blog, but forgot to take a picture with the tiger glove). Then we went shopping and bought some gloriously nerdy shirts (X-men AND Snakes on Plane!) and went to Starbucks (for Juice!) until Mom finally showed up…At which point I was too busy pillaging to get pictures, the swag will have to speak for itself.
In more recent news as the temperature rose snow began to melt my friends and I began a rather large project…
Snow penguins. They were destroyed by drunk and/or stupid people over the weekend but I got pictures right after we finished them. Those are my friends Brian and Carl posing with the Daddy and also the baby penguin.
And looking further in the past again (this post is readin like a postmodern novel) This is me with Cherry J0nes after seeing her in her Tony winning role in Doubt. I went with my sister on a whim during a home wekend and I was so glad I went, most of the original cast was there with the touring prouction and I just get shudders down my back thinking about it. I’ll discuss when I have time to go in more length.

Knitting Content:
I actually have some. The Lacewings shawl is thisclose to being finished. I had actually started casting off when I discovered that I didn’t have enough yarn. I’m currently tinking back one stitch at a time amd then I can cast off.And I also finished the Tiger gloves a while ago.
Stockinette + hard other projects = Tiger Gloves! Hopefully I’ll have the shawl finished and ready to show to you tomorrow, along with the rest of the Knit Out recap, but I’ve got a 17 item to do list for tomorrow and knitting, knit out recaps, and blogging are the easiest to put off until later.

Oooh! Also I found out the date for Stitch n’ Pitch 2007, July 22. Which would be the day after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows comes out. I’ll be long finished with the book, and probably have caught up on sleep as well, but if I’m in mourning again (as I was in 2003 after OOP) I’ll need something black that is also knitted so I can show off.


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