Whenever God Closes one door, somwhere he opens a window

I am seriously an irony magnet lately. First I track all the times Bath is talked about in Jane Austen’s Persuasion while I’m in a nice relaxing Bath and now I start a post about a major change in my life than basically involves quiting theater (at least theater here at school) with a quote from a Musical (sound of music).
About quitting theater, I’m not going to be a theater major. I just am not feeling the love of theater anymore and it’s partially me and partially them and the combination is just not what I want to live with anymore. I need to say this here because I’ve made a habit of telling my blogistas (it’s way cooler than blog readers) about the big things that happen in my life because sometimes it’s just easier to tell you guys things than my family or in the days gone by my friends. I’m better off on those categories now and I’ve definately gotten my share of hugs and it’ll be alright’s and I knew you were a totsl Eglish major’s but it’s hard.
If I can say anything about my work ethic it’s that I’m not a quitter. I stuck with Greek through 3 GPA killing semesters and I Captained Debate for 3 seasons even though I hated it. So I really hate quitting, but now that I’m a grown up (sorta, except that I’m totally an 8-year-old boy inside) I need to make descisions that will effect the rest of my life and in this case I’m absolutely convinced that sticking with theater will do me absolutely no good in the long run. I need to just “pull the trigger” as my Dad put it when we talked about it on the way to school today (I was home for Saturday). I’ve decided not to pull just yet, I have to spend 12 more days at this before I can cut and run but the descision is made. I don’t like it, really I don’t, but the not liking is nothing like regret, I feel like this is the right way to go. I mean look at this blog, I spent an entire post rhapsodizing about a Jane Austen novel, I named half of it after my literary intersts. I’m just not a theater girl anymore. Thanks a f***ing lot St. Olaf Theater Department.
Currently it take 22 minutes to do a row on lacewings and I hate colorwork. SO progess is basically inperceptable. Now WHY can’t I just major in KNITTING???


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