I have defeated my FO(e) and finished the Tiger socks!!!! (Please forgive my photo avalanche, I’m really excited about these socks)

Tiger socks posing delicately with my statistics textbook. Did I ever mention how weird it is as a non science/math type to have a hardcover textbook like this (I have two this semester which is the first time I’ve had this kind of textbook in college)? I feel really weird that I own these and I can write in them (I won’t because I like a high resale value, which equals books, yarn, and other good things)

They’re being cute here, which they don’t really need to be but hey! Who doesn’t like cute socks. Anyways, the reason that these socks are even done is because between Tuesday morning and Wednesday night I watched 9 episodes of Heroes. Yeah, I’m a good time manager, a very tired good time manager. Granted except for Paradise Lost (a.k.a. the epic poem from hell), I’m all caught up (or I will be before I go to bed). It’s really sad because I should like it, because I am an epic poetry nu but I really can’t get into the flow of Milton’s language very easily or well. I am hyper focused right now but it is also 12:30 (I cheat the system by starting the post just before midnight so it shows up as the day before I finish writing the post) so I will go to sleep because I really, really need the 6 hours I’m gonna get if I’m going to do whatever mad partying I have lined up for tomorrow night, right now all I have is Theology ‘Untapped’ (it’s funny because we’re on a dry campus) at 8 which is every bit as lame as it sounds. Yeah I have a rockin‘ social life, me and my theology group on Friday nights… Anyway I plan on doing more Heroes watching and knitting before Monday, if I can get through 5 episodes I am caught up and I get to join the party watching it when it’s actually on TV… Woah, I haven’t watched anything when it was actually on TV since Big Brother this summer, or else the Olympics a year ago. I can hardly believe that the Knitting Olympics were a year ago, it was such a good time. I am sad that the Harlot is disinclined to make the Knitting Olympics a bi-annual event. She’s planning on sticking with the Winter Olympiad, which is not to say that next summer no one will make a knitting Olympics but it just won’t be the same. And it was my first knitalong that I actually almost finished. Anyway back to my knitting, in honor of the FO I started one of the many ideas that had been floating in my head, instead of missing a few minutes of our Buffy double header (I watch a LOT of TV, ok) to get my Weasley sweater that has been languishing in my stash drawers for over a year. And what you are thinking did I start?

Tiger Mittens.


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