Oy, enough with the penguins already.

I have had a horrid time of a weekend. Not that there weren’t many high points, but the fact is that when one has a few catastrophically bad things happen to them then those low points can drag down an otherwise excellent weekend. We’ll just treat those two items separately.
the bad mostly came from the fact that it is audition season and I, as usual, was not prepared for the first set, which means that I was not called back and therefore a bit sad (well if sobbing is a bit sad). I’ve racked up quite the score of rejections (I actually have a score of consecutive rejections, which sounds cool unless it happens to you) and I don’t really care about these plays, and I am not that great of an actress, and I wasn’t prepared, but it still really freakin’ hurts. A LOT. And I feel stupid for arguing with my monologue (I don’t like the character anymore) and saying a poem instead (I just felt every actor in the virtual room cringe). Which leads me into my belated poetry reading submission, the poem I recited for my audition, by Emily Dickinson.

To fight aloud is very brave,
But gallanter I know,
Who charge within the bosom,
The cavalry of woe.

Who win, and nations do not see,
Who fall, and none observe
Whose dying eyes no country
Regards with patriot love.

We trust, in plumed procession,
For such the angels go,
Rank after rank, with even feet
And uniforms of snow.

This poem was my project for my first English class at college (which was last year…), and it was a total mistake. I was planning on doing, “There is no chariot like a book” and because it was a beautiful, sunny day I decided to sit under a tree and read through The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson, which is a thoroughly pretentious, English major type thing to do. Although it was really fun. Anyway this is poem number 16 and I couldn’t read anymore after this one because I absolutely fell in love with it. It is the single best expression of my struggle with depression I’ve ever read. It was like when I realized that the dementors in Harry Potter were depression, it was a light bulb moment, totally. I swear there was actual light generated by my brain. Anyway I all kinds of love this poem and when I love a poem it’s like manure, I feel the need to spread it around.

On the bright side, I did a lot of knitting (by my standards) this weekend. I made a lot of progress on the previously undiscussed Tiffany Mittens, for my friends Tegan for her birthday, which was over a month ago… but I stink at colorwork right now (I think you need to do miles of it before you can get even, loose tension and anything resembling speed) so I’m really okay with them being late, as long as it’s still winter (my Minnesota standards) when I finish them. So here’s a picture of the progress so far:

I’ve just started the main hand motif and I foresee this going a little bit faster than the more complex brown and orange wrist part, at least I certainly hope it goes faster. My tension problems should also even out because I certainly had a few.

I also had some time on the tiger socks, this is still the second one. Could you imagine knitting socks for a three legged person? Second Sock Syndrome is bad enough!

Anyway these also got some TLC, because I have more knitting friends who make me want to knit more often because they are as well. One is making a massive garter stitch blanket for a baby cousin, and it’s hard to compete when you’re doing something on 0’s or in colorwork either of which goes more slowly. I shouldn’t think of this as a race but I have trouble not doing it. The good thing is that the baby blanket knitter is knitting almost constantly on it so there is more light in the movie rooms for her, and therefore me, to knit by.

Also I learned how to play Settlers of Catan. This probably increases my ratings on the nerd scale, but when you’re in the 90th percentile already increases are hardly relevant. It was really fun, there was scheming and I didn’t play well because I didn’t really understand how to start the game. like really looking at the board and stuff. So now I want to play again so I can really play. Although apparently I did really well because I was a point away from winning until the last few seconds of the game (when my Longest road got stolen 😛 ). Anyways that was really fun and I feel bad because the sad stuff all happened today and Friday, Saturday, and some parts of Sunday were really great but the bad stuff is what I feel right now so it’s, like, poisoning the jelly of this blog or something.

In Harry Potter news I have nothing to share about major themes, titles, movies, release dates, or plans for them. I did start the series of rereads by beginning the only audiobook I have with me (Chamber of Secrets) today. I’ll work on that one for a while, hopefully, cause there’s very little chance of me getting the rest until I go home which won’t be for a while.


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