Simply too much

I have returned. I have returned from London, from Jet Lag, from Wisdom Tooth surgery, from the effects of the medications for said surgery, from the shock that the single greatest force on my life in the last 8 years is coming to an end this July and from my FO drought. I’m gonna do a quick round up of these several things and then I’m a gonna go knit away.

LONDON!!! I’m gonna type up my class journal and embellish it with various things I bought and/or took (because they were free) and then post it one entry per day for as long as that takes, but I will do that elsewhere and put highlights up over here. I did enjoy London and I showed the socks many things. Note that I say socks. This is not because I took my Violet’s ribbon yarn finished the socks I was making with it and showed both f them London. Oh no, not me! I went and lost another go.knit bag (I am now 0 for 2 on not losing go.knit bags as well as recovering lost go.knit bags and have given them up permanently) with my new knitpicks needles in the sock and a part of my Ribbon yarn in it. This was the bag that I won from Knit.1 last spring too so I was very upset about it. So I went crazy due to lack of knitting (I did bring my lacewings shawl, which is a whole other story) and eventually (after a failed attempt to find the place) made my way to loop where I met an extremely cute but destructive little girl and bought some tiger striping opal yarn and some size 0 bamboo needles and set off. I was really excited about the Opal because I’d been wanting some ever since Wendy knit these last spring, so now I get to make my own tiger socks and more because I decided to make the tiger socks short socks and the point is to use a lot of yarn. I want tiger mittens but I’m not sure how to go about making them because knitting mittens on 0’s is not real appealing to me
Before it was lost I took a picture of the violet sock with Big Ben:
And then when I finally got my new sock started I took pictures of it too:

Stonehenge obviously

Very bad picture at the grave of Shakespeare

and the First one is done.
That’s me with Chiwetel Ejiofor. He was in a production of The Seagull, which is one of my favorite plays. was really excited about seeing him because of a Big Damn Movie that he was in (and another one, actually) and I got my picture but as you may guess from his expression he was less than pleased to deal with fans that night. Which was sad but what are you gonna do about it. I still got to meet him and I’m pretty pleased with that.

OK so it really sucks to get your wisdom teeth taken out. The drugs are pretty nice but the pain and especially the swelling are most unpleasant. I do like the attractive bruises though, you can make up all manner of reasons for having them, so far I’ve come up with: I fought the Hulk, a vicious hellbeast attacked me, Aliens, you should see the other guy, and getting my wisdom teeth taken out. The worst of it was that I was just incredibly tired for a week and then yesterday I just knit for 2 and a half hours and listened to Lime and Violet and when I was done I had this:

And then I tried to sleep but failed and was up for a lot of the night and now I have all kinds of energy, which is great because I like being a more high energy person than the other thing. The sad thing is that now I have spent all my knitting time blogging and it is time for bed. Pyjama Time!! I’ll say lots of things about Harry Potter tomorrow, hopefully.


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