OMG OMG They mentioned me!!!

That’s right, my little adventures in Photoshop payed off because Lime and Violet mentioned me in their podcast that came out today! Usually I would save it and use the podcast for a mighty boost in my sock knitting endeavors but today there was just no way that was gonna happen. I mean I was really curious to get the full story from Miss Violet. Anyway I’m a good 20 minutes in and they start talking about the ribbon-along and then they start talking about me and my button! Of course they got my name wrong, but it kinda serves me right for choosing such a difficult name, I should just go by Erin K everywhere. Anyway if you have a desire to hear them talk about me (it’s good they say “it’s very cool”) start at about minute 23, a bit earlier if you want to hear all about the ribbon-along. I’m very cool tee hee!!!
Anyway my ηελλινικος (Greek) final is tomorrow at 9 am so I have a lot of studying to do. Pray for my soul as the hour of doom approaches, I’m gonna go learn some Greek.


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  1. NeedleTart

    Came oner just because of your mention on L&V. Hope you had good luck on the Greek final. I’ll be back…….

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