So I wrote that post yesterday and I had a reason to write it, but then I got swept up in the whole talking about my knitting thing that I forgot the thing I was writing about, which was kinda cool. Now as you may or may not know I am an avid listener to podcasts. I really can rip through them and I subscribe to many different kinds (I harbor a secret wish to subscribe to one for every letter of the alphabet), anyway the best of the podcasts and the reason I started listening to them at all are the knitting podcasts. I adore Marie Irshard’s KnitCast and sincerely wish there were more of them, and Cast-on is very good (I never like it as much when I’m not listening to it, but I’ve kept ep. 21: Secret Water on my computer in perpetuity). My newest fling has been with Lime and Violet, which I shied away from becasue I wasn’t sure I’d like a knitting podcast with an explicit tag. Then Scout started talking about them and their colorway in her store is “Snakes on a Sock”. Then I couldn’t resist curiosity anymore, and I’m glad for it because they are hilarious, and funny, and they make me want to knit socks. With my infatuation growing every time I hear their podcast (they are as funny as PotterCast used to be, before they got so close that it stopped being clear what they were talking about) I was abslutely rocked when I found out that Miss Violet has a lump in her breast. I cannot say how sad it made me, or how worried. So I broke down and bought the sock yarn Lisa Sousa made to benefit the Miss V’s medical fund. And I did more than that. I also joined the knit-along for the yarn and suddenly I’m at the forefront of the orginization. Only in a design capcity of course, I’m good at design so I made a button:
And I just got word that I can redesign the blog so it will be more readable. I am quite excited about it all. However I need to dash off to breakfast and class. Perhaps I will post tonight.


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