I wrote a poem…

I did a few rows on my lacewings but as today is election day and I have to read hundreds of lines more of iambic pantemeter I thought I could write a few myself (don’t tell Chris Beaty I cheated).

“Alas, alack,” I say, if say I may.
As if by saying I can change the facts.
But for this hour, it is election day,
And those I love will be taking their smacks.

“Alas” I say as a once belov’d friend,
His life all torn apart by times and war,
All dashed upon an ass he meets his end,
Never able to take the Senate floor.

And now I wait to see how all else lies.
When dust has settled, how has my state changed?
“Am I all different now?” My spirit cries,
“Now that my living space is rearranged.”

I’ve come to learn, in matters of my state,
To wait and watch the dancing of the great.

um… it’s not great, and could use lots of editing… but I kinda like it, and this waiting for election results is driving me up the wall, so this makes me write poetry… I guess. Don’t expect much more, Iambic Pentameter is much harder than it looks.


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