hey there

So I haven’t been posting much… but I have been knitting! Here’s what I’ve done:
I finished my sweater!!!!!

But being the flawed human being that I am this one shows my mistakes…

I made the back too big… somehow, but I was able to pin it to fit and I’ll just matress stitch everything closed and leave the flap on the inside of the back… just in case I grow a hunchback or something.
I also knit these!!!

Aren’t they cute?!?!? I made them for my english teacher who just had a baby (I gave them to her before she had her daughter) She really liked them so I was really happy!
I also got this:

Which is some roving in the colorway Beneith the Waves from Nitstock Farms . I ahve to give them as high a reccomendation as I can because they were as nice as anyone has ever been to me because I was really stupid about ordering and was charged 3 times for it, but Robin, the lady I exchanged emails with, took really good care of me. I will definately be ordering, without mistakes, from them again once I’ve spun what I have.
And now it’s time for OTN!!!!!!
If you can’t tell I’m just a little bit excited about what’s on my needles. Because I’m knitting the Lacewings shawl!!!

This shawl takes only one skein of Handmaiden Seasilk, which is a wonderful yarn, I really love everything about working with it, which is true I think of pretty much aeverybody who works with it. I am really loving the yarn but I will put this warning out for everyone, it tangles really easily, or at least this skein did. I don’t have a swift or ball winder here at school so I was winding by hand and I had to cut a lot of peices of yarn, it should work out ok, with my only losing a yard or so, but it will be very annoying to weave in all those ends. This may be only true of my skein because it is one I bought on ebay and I noticed a distinct differencre in the feel of the two skeins, the ebay one feels more coarse to me than the one I bought from a store. Anyway I have a novel to go write and let’s not even touch on the ammmount of homework I have to do.


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