So Much

I have simply so much to tell you all. I haven’t posted in a while (mostly still due to my lack of reliable camera, I have pictures but no way to get them to where I can show them to you. I’m going to be able to put most of them onto my computer tomorrow, and then I have pics from other sources, and I can just explain the rest. I mostly have to think about whether I need to get a new camera, or wait until Christmas (I’m thinking about trying to do some housework to get together the $$ for a new camera, I’m getting to the point where I really need to be able to use a camera for my life, it’s just so important. So I’m in the market, I’d love a really nice one, but I think right now my needs are more along the point and shoot the fun stuff in my life line of thought than the take truly beautiful pictures one. So I’m looking, more on that later.
Coming up:
What I did in June
What I did in July
Animals Galore
My Trip to Chicago pt. 1 Stitches (this will be several posts)
My Trip to Chicago pt. 2 Theater and other entertainments
PoA reading groups start, will I make it through this round? (unlikely but possible)

Lets see ooh! OTN time!

I finally finished my green, knit picks parade socks, completely different pattern than I intended to start with but that’s okay! It’s a cool variation on feather and fan and I really like it!

Work is winding down on Tubey, hours and hours of semi mindless k3 p1 rib await me, I plan to use stitch markers to relieve my boredom.

In my camouflage go.knit pouch I have a sock knit in knit picks palette in a light blue. It’s currently a zen sock, so plain stockinette all around, I’m considering feather and fan on the top.

In my new hot pink go.knit pouch is a skein of the beautiful trekking XXL (I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this yarn)and the beginning of a pair of plainish ribbed socks only the top is ribbed on the foot the whole leg will be ribbed. I’ve seen trekking ribbed before and it always look beautiful, but I’m considering that 1×1 rib may not be the right one and that 2×2 might be a better fit, I’m gonna try it for a few rows and see how I like it, I’ll post pics.

That’s all for now, I’m tired, I haven’t had a decent nights sleep in five days, and I want to read like 200 pages of stuff before bedtime in… 90 minutes… I may have to do some reading in the morning.


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