I knit something I can show you!

Yay! I loved this project, really I did. I think it’s pretty… cunning, don’t you think?

A girl walks down the street in a hat like that, you know she’s not afraid of anything.

It’s the sweetest hat I’ve ever seen (all brazenly stolen from Firefly episode 12, “The Message”)
Yeah, my Firefly addiction is still going strong, quite strong I’d say. Last Thursday I was privileged enough to go to a charity screening of Serenity (the movie based on Firefly). I have to say that I enjoyed it much more than I did on my (fairly) small laptop screen. I loved being around the other browncoats as well, I even met a guy with a Jayne hat. I have to say that the combination of that hat and one of my friends needing to be cheered up (he’s really hurting, poor guy) made me knit this Jayne hat. I like hats, they’re such quick, short, fun projects. I’ve made a few this summer and I have yet to actually regret one. I made this one and it worked ok but it was a bit too long, so I felted it because I thought the only wool was the offending section, I was wrong and another section was wool as well. So apart from finding out I have a couple thousand yards of BRIGHT orange wool I also had a hat a bit smaller than my friend’s head. It does fit me however. I feel more Jayne-like keeping it for me anyway. I am however making him one that will actually, ya know, fit.
Also I’ve been watching a lot of soccer for some reason and as this is a fairly sedate activity I’ve been working on the long suffering Tubey, it’s coming along nicely. I decided to try it on today and while it looks workable in the front in the back does not fit at all. For a sweater with no pieces it sure looks a lot like I knit the back a size or two big. I’m hoping that once again my choice of 100 % wool will save my rear. I’ll get a full report once I’ve actually finished the darn thing (coming closer every day).
And now for something completely different. I’m a bit stalled in my Wot reread. It’s a result of finally passing the single best moment in the books ( *cough* Lanaeve consummates it *cough*) now I just don’t feel like it right now. I am for some reason in a nonfiction mood. and as I’m also in a Firefly mood (a show heavily based on the American Civil War) I’m tackling the monster known as “Battle Cry of Freedom”. It’s fairly definitive and it’s a part of the Oxford History of the United Sates. I think I’m gonna try and read that this summer. most of the sections will suit my mood in one way or another so it should all be fun. And if I ever find myself in an American History Class (virtually impossible) I’ll get an A no problem. And should I ever find myself in an American literature class (incredibly possible) I’ll get to play Hermione on the culture and context questions. Anyway I’ve been feeling like I can’t grasp my world building skills lately so I thorough study of a people should be right up my alley.
Well I’m waking up in 6.333 hours so I’m gonna close this post, this computer, and my eyes.
stay shiny!


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