hi for a sec

I literally have no time, blogger is going bye bye on me (how sad, I guess they need maintenance too) I’m so sorry I haven’t been keeping up with ya’ll I’ve been having a great time since school let out, but I’ve never blogged well from home. I’m getting back into form and starting by writing for a half hour every (remining) day of June. then up for July and August. I can spend that time blogging for now and when I get better/add more time I’ll get to work on that there novel. So in major news, I’m designing socks that you can’t see for the next stitch n’ bitch book, or knitty or mag knits or whatever I can get them into (I really like them), I sat on a knitting needle, I saw baby bunnies in my yard, I re-learned to spin on a spinning wheel, and I took the leap and became a browncoat (i.e. a fan of Firefly). It’s an obsession, pure and simple. Not on HP level, more Wot, LotR, maybe one day reaching as high as Star Wars.
For clarification on the list I just displayed, I have varying levels of fandom (obsession). The pinacle of this is Harry Potter. HP is beneath God and a few other things in my life, but that’s it. I consider my stumbling upon HP a blessing, in my experience MOST of the good things in my life have come from my HP obsession (re. knitting and other things I just think of randomly as I go through life). Then as we move into past lives, comes Star Wars, if HP is a positive obsession, Star Wars was a healthy one, it ushered me through my transition from kids and teens books to being able to read adult books. I enjoyed it, it lived, it withered away, it came back, it lived a bit, it died. Once in a while I get pangs, I like the movies, LOVE the music (that was what star wars gave me, an appreciation for orchestral music), and I look on wikipedia to see what the characters are getting up to (I’ve made the decision not to read any more SW books, the Outbound Flight book is sorely tempting every time I enter a bookstore). LotR was not in any way healthy. I was in it as a fad. I really was, I was a devoted fangirl, I was better than most fad following fangirls. I read the LotR book 6 times, hobbit 3 and sil twice. I knew my shit, I really did, I had pretensions of being one of those people who read them every year, but I simply and completely outgrew it. I have no desire or inclination to reread them anymore, I like the movies a lot but it’s more of a god memories thing than an I love Tolkien thing. I feel so violated at being a fad follower, but I even did that in a fairly classy way (I never had anything near an “OMG Legolas is so hott, I’m gonna rite a story all about how he falls in love wit me–XOXO–Mary Sue” moment). In the present we have Wheel of Time. I think this is a thing of the moment, but unlike LotR and HP and SW but like Firefly it’s less well known. I enjoy it, I discuss with my fellows and should it go no further I have no regrets. No clue what Firefly will turn into but hopefully something good.
In fiber related news I’ve had a flurry of activity. I’ve been doing a bit of everything, in the last week I’ve knit, spun (on a wheel no less), dyed (with a pot and Kook Aid and NO SPILLING Mom), shopped for yarn online, went to the LYS, had a bit of a stitch n’ bitch, and even — crocheted! I started a River vest (firefly thing I’ll link when I start in earnest) and with my trusty autographed copy of the Happy Hooker (Mom got me one at Book expo) I was so very set for adventure. I want to get a bit of spinning in yet today and wake up is in 8.5 hours so good night and good bye!


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