It Sucks To Be Me

So I’m having a bad… Period of time. It’s not quite a week yet, but I feel like if I call it a bad week it’ll keep going. A lot has been happening (ok, so there is never a time when a lot isn’t happening), I’ve been rejected three times more bringing my total number of rejections this year to 15 or so (I think it’s more than that but that’s the number I came up with off the top of my head). This week I got rejected from two choirs (meaning I won;t be an official part of a choir until junior year) and the interim trip I wanted to go on. I still have hope for that trip (Dum Vita est spes est), but I’ll tell you, I’m only hanging on because I worry what letting go will unleash. I’ve lost a lot of the confidence I had in actually getting into this trip for next year. I’m very scared and sad. This happened today so I’m not quite recovered from it, come to think of it I’m not quite recovered from last Wednesday either.
So last Wednesday started at 5:30 am. My mirror was up against the curtains, in front of an open window and the wind combined with gravity for a very unpleasant awakening. So it took me a while to recover from that, but I wonder if it would have been better had I just stayed in bed. I did poorly on my Greek quiz, I felt bad because the mirror woke me up in the middle of a sleep cycle, so I was sleepy and stuff all day, including falling asleep and being all disoriented while trying to read Con. And then in the afternoon I found out I didn’t get into choir, which sucked. Then I went home and got Mom’s mother’s day present ready (you get to see it tomorrow) which worked well but was filled with fiascos all the way through. I was overall clumsy, cumulating in hitting a JC (a.k.a. Junior councilor, resident Advisors for first years) in the back of the head with a four square ball. I stayed in my room a lot after that, I was just hiding from the world.
So today was kinda Wednesday Light. A lot of crap happened but there was a bit of good too. Obviously I had the interim (Theater in London: 24 plays in 22 days) rejection thing and I continue to be the clumsiest person I know. Then tonight I went to King Kong and it was interesting. Very Peter Jackson. I was able to predict a lot of the action sequences because of LotR. There was also this whole dinosaur thing, which enchanted the eight-year-old boy living inside me. I was like “That’s a fucking Brontosaurus” (ok the eight-year-old didn’t swear but that’s what I said) and then there were three t-rex’s and that was cool, the rest of the movie kinda sucked because they were trying to take a story that requires a lot of willful suspension of disbelief to a believable level and that was ineffective. It was pretty cool though, PJ knows what he’s doing, he just didn’t have a lot to work with here.
Ok so fiber and stuff has been happy fluffy playtime so no complaints here. I’m getting really tired here though so pics and brief explanations then bed!

this is a progress shot of Tubey on the broken mirror (incidentally I found out that mirror, broken or otherwise, makes a good background for fiber photos, you’ll see tomorrow)

this is a closer shot, bad color, there’s about 8 inches there.

this is my former sock in progress, I’m wearing them right now (my first pair of socks for me!!!!!).

a preview of things to come…


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