Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day (I have chosen to to slaughter the Hebrew). I have chosen to put this outside my rather sillier other post for today because I want everyone to take this seriously. And because I want to pretend that this is a great essay that will travel the internet making people cry (I know this is useless)
I am the grandchild of Survivors, my Great-Aunt was in Auschwitz, she lost her husband. My Grandmother lost a great many of her classmates in school while she hid out with a Catholic family, one girl you might know, Margo Frank. Margo had a younger sister, Anne, who I’m sure you all know.
The loss of these people and the 11 million other Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, and Political Dissenters cause scars that are still painfully tight. Even though that Generation is dying off, there are still some who remember. There are granddaughters, and great-nieces, and sons, and nephews who remember, who may be unable to sit through Cabaret or the Sound of Music because it makes them uncomfortable (I saw Cabaret on Sunday by the way). They might, from time to time, have nightmares of striped clothing, yellow stars, and showers that are not showers at all.
As those who survived join those who died it is important to remember, that scars run deep. Scars can cross the generation gap and cut those who come after. A scar is a reminder of past battles. From learning to pick up a cat the right way (nails hurt), to a reminder that giving in to your temper may not have good consequences, to the fact that your entire family was killed systematically for no reason other than their race. Some people choose to scar themselves, they might use ink, or a plastic surgeon, or whatever sharp thing they can get their hands on. But those who have no choice, who did nothing to earn their scars gain more from the experience. These people are hurt, and with any luck the scars serve as a charge to make sure nothing of the sort ever happens again.
There is one other scar worth mentioning. I’m a bit obsessed with the life of its bearer. Scars in the wizarding world are not as common as scars here. Magic can heal almost anything, wizards do not scar easily. The only scars come from dealing with powerfully evil wizards, most are gained in a victory. That is the message, if you fight evil you can win, but there is always a cost. Evil is powerful enough that is changes things, by fighting it we will change. But it is important to remember what we are fighting and why we are fighting it, and the scars help us remember.
The overpowering message of this day is remembrance. Only though remembrance can we prevent a repeat of the Holocaust. We should not cover up and forget the scars it caused and we should not let those who escaped scarred become complacent. Scars come from battling evil, wear them proudly and no not forget.


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  1. NorthernDoe

    Excellent post. And being the friend of a Holocaust survivor, I for one had tears in my eyes. Well said.

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